Conditional Election

Conditional Election – God chooses for eternal salvation those whom he foresees will have faith in Christ, based on man and not God electing.

Conditional Election

Conditional Election

In Christian Theology, conditional election is the belief that God chooses for eternal salvation those whom he foresees will have faith in Christ. This belief emphasizes a person’s free will. Whereas the opposite of Unconditional Election . In that doctrine they believe God saves those He wishes. Only a few selected for salvation. The Concept of predestination. There are no conditions on who’s elected, just that God choose those He saved. Found in the second of five points along the reformation theology using the word TULIP.

So conditional election is more based on conditions unlike unconditional election. Conditional Election is mostly believed by Armenians. They believe God used His foreknowledge to know who would accept Him or not and those are the elect. Based on man doing something and not God doing something. Those that believe in Conditional Election would believe in prevenient grace. That man can make up their own mind to become saved, while the opposite is irresistible grace where when God saves you cannot resist.

Not to mention, those who believe in Conditional Election will site 1 Peter 1:1-2 and Romans 8:29-30. Those believing in this doctrine also believe in mans free will. So they believe that God makes no decisions in who the elect is and it is only based on man and not God, Himself.

One of these two types of elections is true. Conditional (based on man choice) or Unconditional (based on God choice). We have to remember that God is control and He can do whatever He pleases. So Unconditional Election is the correct form of Election.

Unconditional election


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