Computers are suppose to be smarter than people

Computers are suppose to be smarter than people – But made by people and info inputted by people.

Computers are suppose to be smarter than people

Computers are suppose to be smarter than people - But made by people and info inputted by people.

So would that make computers flawed too, we aren’t perfect. Even computers can make mistakes too.

Today we do tend to trust and depend on computers for most everything!

Anyways … only one perfect person ever walked the Earth … Jesus Christ and because of that, He dies on a Cross to save us!

What if we put our trust in Jesus, like we do computers. We are depend on computers too! What if we put our dependence in Jesus?

Think about it, even computers aren’t perfect, yet we tend to trust and depend on a computer, which can be flawed, more than Jesus, who was perfect! He was with out flaws!

Computers can lie and deceive, Jesus is truthful! Being truthful means you cannot deceive.

Computers are temporary, they will not last! Jesus is eternal!

Computers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.

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5 thoughts on “Computers are suppose to be smarter than people

  1. Computer programmers have an acronym. GIGO, garbage In, garbage out. That could apply to the data, information, that goes in, but if the computer is told to add an extra one to any addition, it will think that 2+2 is equal to 5. Thus if you make a mistake in programming, you get nothing but garbage. So, your basic principle in the title is wrong. Computers only do what they are told – not smart at all. But I love your message. It is not only what we read that can be a lie, but it is what is not said. The media moguls use Artificial Intelligence to determine what is shown and what is not, and many censor differing opinions, thus you only get a slanted view on any subject.

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