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Community Garden
Community Garden

Spring is almost here and time to start planting and planning your garden. Maybe you could start a community garden in a plot somewhere, allow someone to use a section of your land for one or even part of the property of your church or business.

One way we could give back, pay it forward or share the Love of God is by a Community Garden, is a single piece of land gardened collectively by a group of people. By the community chipping in, growing food for everyone in the community and helping those who cannot afford food by giving a portion of what God has blessed them with in the garden. I know I have seen them here and there and they are even becoming popular not only in big cities but rural towns too.

Everyone comes together to work a community garden. Maybe a great way a church can help the community as well. Working in the community garden can be like the body of Christ. There are many parts but we all come in unity. One person may know more about growing one thing over the other. One person may be more familiar with removing weeds and fertilizing the soil. The choice of crop or crops can depend on the knowledge of the community growing it and the need for a specific type of crop or the ability to grow a certain crop based on the soil and conditions of the community.

Some community gardens require annual dues while others require working service in the community garden. Usually you can have a group of people that help tend to this garden.

The crops that come from the garden can go to those who help work the garden and also be used to give to those in need. God says to help those in need. This is one way that perhaps this can be done.

Does anyone know if anywhere in Jefferson County, TN there is a community garden? If so please share in the comment section.

Also your ideas, input, etc on a Community Garden comments are welcome below as well.

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