Coloring a popular adult hobby

Coloring books are no longer just child’s play. In recent years, adult coloring books have flown off of the shelves at craft retailers and bookstores, turning what was once a niche hobby into a popular and lucrative trend.

Coloring a popular adult hobby

Studies show that coloring can have calming and therapeutic effects. In fact, researchers at Johns Hopkins University suggest coloring as an alternative to meditation. This form of art therapy can relax the mind and help a person learn more about oneself in the process.

InkSpiration Fruit of the Spirit Adult Coloring Book - Inside Lighthouse Scene
InkSpiration Fruit of the Spirit Adult Coloring Book – Inside Lighthouse Scene

All types of coloring can stimulate a person’s creative juices while simultaneously strengthening his or her mental well-being. Experts who study the impact coloring has on adults have found coloring involves both logic and creativity. This activates the areas of the cerebral cortex in the brain involved in vision and fine motor skills. The relaxation that coloring provides lowers the activity of the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls emotions.

Participants who color can find tranquility quite easily. Marygrace Berberian, a certified art therapist and Clinical Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the Graduate Art Therapy Program at New York University, has said, “Coloring definitely has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring about more mindfulness.”

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Adults interested in coloring have a substantial catalog of adult coloring books at their disposal. Start with something relatively easily by coloring mandalas, or circles filled with other geometric shapes. Intricate designs are hallmarks of adult coloring books, including fine art and design-themed coloring books. Therefore, it’s best to invest in a quality set of colored pencils for a greater level of precision.

Maybe you can get some good Christian versions of these books and make a small group and have Bible lessons as you color the pages with the lesson on it. I believe, my mom goes to a small group that colors and meets weekly.

Check out the All Things Color Series blog post, as I take colors and show where they are found in the Bible.


There are also plenty of Christian Adult Coloring Books out there too. Like the this Inkspirtation Fruit of the Spirit Adult Coloring Book. Plus many more types of them found at your nearest Christian Book Store retailer or even online too. My mom is very big into the adult coloring book hobby. I am sure they are plenty other titles in the InkSpirations too. Plus, I am sure there are other brands of Christian or even Christmas versions too. Plus, I am sure these are popular for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or just because gifts too.

Color yourself Calm

I use a fitbit to track my steps and see how many steps I walk in a day. I did one of the special challenges that is a single challenge. In this challenge you walk so many steps and it advances your person on a map as if you were doing a walk or hike a special place. For this one it was the Yosemite Pohono Trail. With this challenge you had to talk 42,000 steps total to reach the detestation. As you are advancing it shows you scenes of that location and gives you tips for being healthy and all. This is one of the tips that came up along that path.

Color yourself calm. Break out the crayons, pencils and coloring books the next time you’re feeling anxious or stressed. Experts say the methodical, yet creative task of filling in spaces with color encourages mindfulness and helps to quiet negative mental chatter. A more relaxed you and something to hang on the fridge when you’re done. — it’s a win-win!

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