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Church Sign on Spring Has Sprung

Check out what this Loudon United Methodist Church says on their church sign about spring has sprung. It ask a question about something blossoming. #ChurchSign

A Church sign that I believe you all will like. It is spring time, so why not share a spring themed church sign. Special thanks to Sherry Bennett for submitting this photo from Loudon United Methodist Church in Loudon, Tennessee. This is a spring church sign. It talks about spring has sprung. Check out the photo below to see what it says.

Spring Has Sprung Church Sign
Spring Has Sprung Church Sign

Spring Has Sprung, Will Your Faith Blossom


One thing I am glad is that faith doesn’t give you bad allergies when in blossom like pollen does. However, I do hope that your faith does rub off like pollen does onto cars and other things but on to other people. This way they will say I want what they have! Remember being with God shows! Just think of it this way, we should radiate when we are with God. A good way to know if you have blossomed, do you leave trails of pollen around?

I enjoyed posting pictures of these church signs as I come across them. I am also thankful for my friends that submit pictures for me to use on my blog. You can go through my past entries and see a good number of church signs that either I took or my friends have taken.

Submit Church Sign

A friend of mine, has submitted a few to me and I have shared those church sign pictures. If you have a cool church sign that you took the picture of, please contact me. Tell me about it, where you took it, when you took, etc. You may use my contact form. Then, when I contact you back, you can e-mail the picture to me. I will let you know when your picture is live on this blog.


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