Christmas is Full of Lights

Christmas is Full of Lights. Christmas lights are lit but are we spreading the light? Being plugged into His light?

Christmas is Full of Lights

Christmas is Full of Lights

We decorate our homes, Christmas Trees, businesses and more with Christmas lights. However, do we spread our light of Christ too? Are we bold in our witness? Too often we forget to share Christ even during the Christmas holiday season. We try to dim our light of Christ in us. Instead, we shine up our homes, trees and businesses with the brightest lights we can get.

This Christmas get plugged into the true source of light … Jesus Christ. Shine your bright light for Him. When we go to decorate our homes with Christmas lights, we need to make sure to stay plugged into our source of light and shine it bright for all the world to see. We cannot dim or hide it! We must boldly allow it to shine!

Just think about it, Christmas is not the only winter holiday of lights, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, just to name a couple.

I even wrote about being like Rudolph and letting your light so shine.

Go out there and decorate! Use LED Lights, as they can save money on the electric bill!

First published December 5, 2017. Last republished or updated December 3, 2020.

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