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Screen shot of some of the Christian apps on my iPod Touch
Screen shot of some of the Christian apps on my iPod Touch

I want to share with you some Christian iOS apps that I like and use on my iPod Touch. These apps work on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

These apps can be great for reading the Bible, studying the Bible, listening to Christian Music, Doing your devotions and much more.

I would say eBible I use often on my iPod to read the Bible. I also really like the K-Love so I can listen to K-Love over a Wi-Fi.

There are a list of the apps I have on my iPod Touch.

  1. Bible app from
  2. App
  3. Courageous App
  4. App
  5. Holy Bible App
  6. Holy Bible UserLight App
  7. Air1 Radio App
  8. K-Love Radio App
  9. J103 Shining the Light Radio App
  10. The Upperroom Daily Devotion App
  11. Touch Bible (KJV)
  12. The Love Dare Day by Day App
  13. Glo Bible

I did include a screen shot of my iPod Touch. If you notice all 13 above are not on this tab. That is because some of the other’s are listed in other categories. But this gives you an idea of the icons for those apps.

The one I highly recommend is the Bible Gateway App

What Christian iOS apps do you use?

I really would like to hear what you use and why.

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