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Christian Comedians

Christian Comedians – This is a compiled list of Christian Comedians. We all a good laught, why not check out these clean Christian Comedians. Including my top five favorite! #ChristianComedians #ChristianComedy

Christian Comedians

Christian Comedians

Below are a list of some of my Favorite Christian Comedians.

  1. John Crist
    1. Cartoons Christian Kids Weren’t Allowed To Watch
  2. Skit Guys
    1. A Father’s Glory
    2. Adam & Eve
    3. Fatherhood
    4. Lazarus
    5. Mom Goggles & Mom Goggles 2
  3. Tim Hawkins
    1. Hand Raising
    2. What If Led Zeppelin Led Your Worship Music
  4. Michael Jr.
    1. Frogger
    2. What It Would Be Like To Be Jesus’ Brother
  5. Jason Earls

Of course I have shared some videos of some of them above. (Links to videos I have shared)

I even photo bombed the Skit Guys and didn’t know it until afterward.

Below here are some other ones you may or may not have heard about.

Most of these I am not that familiar with, but wanted to put out some others to listen to.

  1. Prince Thai
  2. John Felts
  3. Leslie Norris Townsend
  4. David Ferrell
  5. Chonda Pierce
  6. Henry Cho
  7. Bone Hampton
  8. Brad Stine
  9. Mike Williams
  10. Kerri Pomarolli
  11. Kirk Roberts
  12. Ken Davis
  13. Small Fire
  14. Dennis Swanberg
  15. Andy Beningo
  16. Larry Weaver
  17. Anita Renfroe
  18. Bean and Bailey
  19. Bob Smiley
  20. Jeff Allen
  21. Taylor Mason

Do you know of any other Christian Comedians I can add to this list?

If so feel free to share in the comments.

Come back often, as I hope to expand this list!

Plus, if I share a comedians video, I will place it under their name.

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