Christ Tomorrow Church Sign

I passed this church Community Chapel Freewill Baptist Church on Monday, May 16, 2016. This church is in Talbott, TN. This church sign reads about Christ and tomorrow …

What would you do today if you knew Christ was coming tomorrow

Most of us don’t live like Christ is coming today or even tomorrow. We barely even live like we believe He will come at all. The Bible is clear no one knows the hour when Christ will come back. We must be ready no matter. We are never promised tomorrow. Christ could come for us at any moment. He could come individually to us and get us or all together.

We must live as if He is coming this very moment!

Below is that church sign. It reads the same message on both sides.

Christ Tomorrow Church Sign
Church signs are one of my favorite things to share. If you are local to me or where I am at and I pass your church sign and I like it or need to talk about it, I will share it on here.

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  1. There’s always more we can do or not do. We still live in the flesh but that’s not a right to live in open sin. Those saved have the greatest gift ever … Eternal life with Jesus. Those saved will feel remorse to not sin and when they do repent and make restitution. Thanks Angela Massey

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