ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System Review

ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System Review – It shows it is as easy as three easy steps, but is it truly that easy and does the product work to repair chips in your car.

 ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System

ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System Review

The premise behind this ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System is in three steps to apply and fix your chipped paint on your vehicle. I am not much of a mechanic nor am I much of a body person either. The three steps are Paint, Blend and Polish. The kit gives you all the items you need, including your vehicle color (colour).

In this review I go over each step and show you pictures of the progress of the application of the ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System kit. Each before and after picture is form each step. So it does show the progression for each step.

Paint – Step 1

 ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System - Paint Step 1

In most cases, you can find your vehicle color by opening your driver side door and locating the plate that has your VIN number and other info about your vehicle on it. It would give a color code. That is the actual color of your vehicle at manufacturer. Granted, there could be the chance that someone had that vehicle painted another color before you. Not to mention, you could have had it painted another color too.

The first step was simple! You cleaned the effected areas and put on the provided gloves for safety! Then you took the little devices that looked like q-tips in a way and dabbed the paint on the chipped area of your vehicle. I didn’t realize how many tiny chips my Sentra had until I got looking at it to do this review. I was like I don’t think this would work to do a review because my car don’t have any chips. Boy was I wrong! I found a lot, mostly on my hood of my car that goes to the engine. That is the front of the car. I am sure that is where the brunt of debris hits first like tiny stones and pebbles and even other items too.

I applied the paint to multiple areas of my Sentra. Then I allowed the paint to dry. One thing I noticed, you can tell it was paint. It was a strong smell! I did mine out in the open outdoors. Make sure you do this complete process outdoors or in a well ventilated area!

Blend – Step 2

ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System Blend Step 2

Once the paint is dry you blend the paint with the special ChipEx solution. The drying time can very, tiny areas they product says 1 minute, to larger areas up to 20 minutes. I waited 10 minutes just in case. All my areas were tiny spot areas. It uses a blue special liquid to blend in the paints from your original paint and this applied paint. It also had a strong smell to it too and needs done in a well ventilated area.

They give you a special paper type cloth and a sponge looking device you put inside the paper like cloth. You lightly applied the solution to the cloth and apply it to the painted areas. This step is supposed to help blend the old and new paints together. While I was doing this step, the big chips didn’t seem to blend while the tiny chips seemed to blend a little better. Maybe this solution also has to have time to work too. This was a simple step too.

Polish – Step 3

ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System Polish Step 3

The last step, step 3 was to polish the completed areas. ChipEx gives you a special polish and a terry type cloth for that process. The polish had a clean type of smell to it. It was the same smell I could smell when I first opened the tube the product came in. It was tightly backed in the tube too. You lightly applied polish to the cloth and then rubbed the polish in on the treated areas. ChipEx also says the polish can be applied to tiny chipped areas too. This was an easy step too, at least it seemed simple to me.

Can you still see the scratch?

For a simple fix this product seemed to work. I don’t like that you can still tell where the touch up paint is applied, but it does look better than silver metal showing up. At least it is the same color of the car. Maybe with time it will blend in more. But after 24 hours, it still showed. For the price of the product, I am not sure I would highly recommend it. I don’t know how other products similar to this works.

Doing this process reminded me about getting a paint stick from dealership on an old car. The results remind me much of the same. Except this product, ChipEx gives you a blending and a polish solution. With both of these, you could see where the touch up paint is looking up close. Even a video by ChipEx you can see the before and after you can tell touch up paint was applied to the effected areas.


My conclusion was it seemed rather too easy to do the three steps. I often kept thinking … “Am I doing this wrong?”. As I was trying to take pictures, I had to take the photos in different angles as the applied painted areas didn’t show up on the camera well. Now with my natural eye, I could see it plain as day in most cases, if there were a bigger chip. The tiny chips, I barely could see, only if I was close up. Even after the final three steps, if you are close to the effected areas, you can tell where the touch up paint is applied. If you look at a distance in most areas, I couldn’t tell. There was one spot that I could see from a short distance away.

But it does beat the alternative of repainting the whole car. Yes, you can still see the scratches or chips, maybe a 6 footer or a 3 footer, you cannot see it but up close you can!

About ChipEx

ChipEx does state they have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a 100% color match guarantee too. ChipEx is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. So this company is a foreign based company to me.

More information

You could win a free ChipEx

See the info below. This giveaway is not done by me, but through Fuel My Blog. This contest is open to USA, Canada and Europe. (Contest has ended. This entry had 570 total entires!) A Sharon S won according to Fuel My Blog’s contest box. Thanks to all of those who entered.

I was given a free ChipEx Paint Chip Repair System Kit for free from Fuel My Blog to do a blog review. This review is my unbiased review of the product. Plus they are giving one of my readers a chance to win a kit themselves too.

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  1. I am not much sure that it work so clean because I can see in these pictures that it clearly shows where you put the color on your care after applying another two steps blending and polishing. So, It may be possible that it removes scratches but it isn’t possible that it looks like as before scratching on car.

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