Checking Out Seeds

Checking Out Seeds – yes you read that correctly. You now can check out seeds at the Blount County Public Library.

It’s simple!

  • Check out seeds now!
  • Plant them!
  • When you harvest your garden, bring seeds back for others to check out next growing season.

You have to have a Blount County Public Library card, and then you can check out five seed packets per month.

Maybe other libraries will follow suit.

The old seeds are found in the old card catalog cabinets, younger folks don’t know what those are. That is how we use to have to look up where books are before the internet days.

Right now they have 700 seeds from local and out-of-state donors. They are still accepting seed donations now. Sheila Pennycuff asks that the seeds all be heirloom, non-GMO, and non-hybrid seeds. They want to be ready and fully stocked for growing season in March.

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