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Chained Rock (Pineville, KY)

Chained Rock (Pineville, KY) – Here is an interesting place to go hiking and see a rock that is chained at the top of the mountain that is protecting the city of Pineville in Kentucky. This weeks Travel Thursday feature is Chained Rock! A site with a bit of history and legend to it.

Chained Rock (Pineville, KY)

The town chained this rock on top of this mountain in Pineville, KY. They did that to protect the town from the rock falling on it and destroying it. I got the opportunity to hike back in July 2017 with Heather of SimplySpokn.  It is around an 1 hour and 30 minute drive approximately 70 miles away from Jefferson City, TN.

Chained Rock Pineville, KY (Pine Mountain State Resort Park) #ChainedRock

The chain holding up the rock is rather thick. I share an image below with my fingers against the chain link. (See image below). You can actually touch the chain! This gem is located in Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Pineville, KY. This hike is a free hike! The hike is considered to be a moderate hike. I thought the hike was well worth it once you got to the top and saw the views of the surrounding areas.

This is some info from the Kentucky Tourism

But, in the 1930’s it became a genuine legend when a feat of the newly formed Chained Rock Club was reported in countless newspapers across the country. As the legend goes, the town’s children had for years been told that the rock hanging ominously above town could not give way and come tumbling down on them as they slept because it had been ‘chained’. In truth, however, the boulder had never been secured, but events in 1932 changed that forever when the mighty boulder was harnessed by an enormous chain. The hike down to Chained Rock is .3 miles one way and affords majestic views of the surrounding Cumerbland Mountains.

Even Appalachian History stated

On June 24, 1933 the club obtained an obsolete steam shovel from a Virginia quarry. The machine’s chain weighed 2,500-3,000 lbs. It had to be cut in half before a four-mule team could pull each portion up the mountain in two trips.

When the mules gave out, the Chained Rock Club’s 50 members carried the chains the rest of the way. Atop the mountain, the crew welded the chain back together, and stretched it 101 feet across the abyss. It is anchored at each end with steel pegs 1-1/2 x 24 inches, sunk into holes star drilled by hand.

Thickness of the chain at Chained Rock in Pineville, KY at Pine Mountain State Resort Park | Photo Credit Heather of SimplySpokn

Thickness of the chain at Chained Rock in Pineville, KY at Pine Mountain State Resort Park | Photo Credit Heather of SimplySpokn

Marker Sign at Chained Rock

Chained Rock is a boulder formation of Pine Mountain, 2,200 feet above sea level.

The Chain, 101 feet long with seven pound links, were carried here by a four-mule team in two trips. It was anchored to the rock with pegs 1 1/2 x 24 inches concerted into holes, star drilled by hand.

In 1933, the Pineville Chained Rock Club, assisted by the Boy Scouts and the Civilian Conservation Coprps, replaced an old chain with this chain to hold the rock which by tradition is to protect the city of Pineville, Kentucky.

Have you Been to Chained Rock?

Tell me what you think! Tell me about your hike and what you thought about this rock chained to protect the city of Pineville, KY! Your comments are welcome!

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