Outdoor Truths - Gary Miller
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Outdoor Truths

This weeks Outdoor Truths with Gary Miller is about older Christians have seemed to decide to retire from some parts of their Christian life but the reason God leaves a Christian on earth does not change with age.

Pressure Makes Diamonds
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Pressure Makes Diamonds

We are are sinful and we all face pressure of some type of testing of our faith from time to time. The pressure can form us from the carbon sinful person to precious diamonds. #diamonds

Strength to Stand - Don't Look Back - #stsdontlookback
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My First Strength to Stand Experience

I blog about my first Strength to Stand Experience, which is similar to Xtreme Winter but different. Find out what I had to say about this conference. #STSDontLookBack #StrengthtoStand #XtremeWinter

The Most Segregated Day is Sunday
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The Most Segregated Day is Sunday

The Most Segregated Day is Sunday why is that? When we are suppose to by the body of Christ why are we divided or set apart a body and not in unity as one.

Hidden Message in Genesis
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Hidden Message in Genesis?

I recently saw a video by Chuck Missler on the Hidden Message found in the lineage in Genesis 5. So is there really a hidden message in this chapter of Genesis? Find out what I uncovered about this this hidden message that is supposedly in this chapter of Genesis.

Bear One Anothers Burdens - Galatians 6:2A
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Bear One Another’s Burdens

The Bible tells us to bear or carry one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). Find out what this involved and what it shows by doing it.

Wrong Number A Chance to Witness
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Wrong Number

Do you get people that call or text you and you say I am sorry you have the wrong number. Do you take the time to share Jesus with that wrong number?

Baptist: To Be or Not To Be
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Baptist: To Be or Not To Be

I discuss a recent article, Why I Should Stay a Baptist by Paul Baxter at Christian Index.This is my view point of the article. #Baptist.

Jesus Save Us by Young Disciples of Messiah Muzik (Screenshot)
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Jesus Save Us – Young Disciples Messiah Muzic

Check out the Zarate family children (Young Disciples) of Messiah Muzic doing the song Jesus Save Us. These three young children do a great job with this song Jesus Save us, I know you hear my prayers. This is a Christian Rap song. #MessiahMuzik

Annual Report for 2015
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Annual Report: 2015

2015 Annual Report for Courageous Christian Father. Find out all the stats from 2015. How many blog post published, top 10 blog post, longest streak, top referring sites, posting patterns and much more.

Do You Have Room for Jesus
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Do You Have Room for Jesus

This is the Christmas song by Donna & Carrol Roberson called Do You Have Room For Jesus? Remember there was no room for Him in the Inn. So do you have room for Him? We make room for things we like. Have you made room for Him? I also share the lyrics to this song too.

Cannot Spell Christmas Church Sign
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You Cannot Spell Christmas Church Sign

Oak Hills Baptist Church in Jefferson City, TN put on their church sign about you cannot spell Christmas without.

The Only Gift Church Sign
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Only Gift Church Sign

Check out First United Methodist Church in Dandridge, TN has on their church sign and what it says about the only gift you need. #ChurchSign

Linus shares What Christmas Is All About
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A Charlie Brown Christmas Play without Bible Verses

One school in Paintville Kentucky in the Johnson County School system is cutting any Bible verses from the play, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. #CharlieBrownChristmas #Paintville #WRCastleElementary

McDonald's in Spring Hill, TN and their Nativity Scene painted window
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Nativity Scene at McDonald’s

Check out the scene of a West Tennessee McDonald’s and their painting of the Nativity Scene and what they also wrote on the painting with the Nativity Scene. #NativityScene #McDonalds #SpringHill #AmyBasel

Outdoor Truths - Gary Miller
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Outdoor Truths

This weeks Outdoor Truths with Gary Miller is about the whole Christmas story is one of giving. It is God giving the world His Son. #OutdoorTruths

Christmas Full Moon
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Christmas Full Moon

In 2015 will have a Christmas Full Moon, a rare occurrence of a full moon on Christmas Day. Find out when the last one was and the next one will be. #ChristmasFullMoon

MercyMe "It's Christmas!" Pizza Ranch CD Cover
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MercyMe It’s Christmas CD Review

This is unbiased review of the Christmas CD by MercyMe It’s Christmas! I share my review and some info about this Christmas CD. #PizzaRanchMercyMe #MercyMe #PizzaRanch

Wooddale Free Will Baptist Church - Church Sign - Thanks to Jesus for giving His All!
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Thanks to Jesus Church Sign

Wooddale Free Will Baptist Church – Church Sign – Thanks to Jesus for Giving His All!

Mother Nature Does Not Control the Weather
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Mother Nature Does Not Control the Weather

We as Christians should stop saying it is Mother Nature who controls the weather as if she was a god. It is Father God who controls weather! #MotherNature #Weather #God