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Where are you going billboard

Where are you going billboard I found in South Carolina, this one is from FOR TRUTH. Where are you going…

three little pigs analogy
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Three Little Pigs Analogy

I use the story of the three little pigs to make an analogy about Christ being our rock, our firm foundation. As we know from the three pigs foundation is important.

All Lives Matter
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All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter from the baby in the womb to the eldest living person everyone is special to God & He doesn’t want to see anyone perish. #AllLivesMatter

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God is the one Source quote

God is the one Source quote a quote from Dr. Steven J. Lawson God is the one Source quote God…

Everything is temporary, what we own, where we live, money, possessions, our own lives on Earth. One thing is not temporary is where we will spend eternity ... Heaven or Hell.
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Everything is Temporary

Everything is temporary, what we own, where we live, money, possessions, our own lives on Earth. One thing is not temporary is where we will spend eternity … Heaven or Hell. #Temporary

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The Ultimate Superhero

Who do you think is a hero or a superhero? How about this, who do you think is an ultimate superhero? Can you name anyone? I can name one …
Find out what Characteristics make a superhero and what one Characteristic makes an ultimate superhero.

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Bezeugen Tract Club

Bezeugen Tract Club – Do you hand out Gospel Tracts? How about a gospel tract club that gives you 30 free gospel tracts per month to hand out. #Bezeugen #BezeugenTractClub

How to save yourself from hell
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How to save yourself from hell

How to save yourself from hell – This blog post talks about how you can save yourself from hell … If you can! #Hell

Be Sheep Not Goats
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Be Sheep Not Goats! The Son of Man Will Judge the Nations

Be Sheep Not Goats! Jesus will separate the sheep and the goats on the final judgement. This is the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats where the Son of Man will judge the Nations. #Sheep #Goats #Quote

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A License to Sin

A License to Sin. A lot of people think that because they are under grace they can do as they please, a license to sin you can call it. As Christians do we have a license to sin and live the way we want or is that license to sin denied? Find out in this blog entry.

inspiring gospel tract story
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An Inspiring Gospel Tract Story

Check out this inspiring young boy journey at handing out gospel tracts. Not to mention, it was a rainy day as this young boy handed them out. That tract you hand out just may save someone who is lost. #GospelTracts #Rain

The Church Called and Collected Album Cover - Leadership by Flame
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Conversion by Trip Lee

This is a music video for Conversion by Trip Lee. Trip Lee is part of Lampmode and this song is on the album The Church Called & Collected. #TripLee #Conversion

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Are you a good person? Comic featuring Mr. Nice Guy

Are you a good person? A Gospel tract Uses God’s Law to help witness & share your testimonial to other people. This comic is part of the Way of the Master. Now with free downloadable and printable versions! #GoodPersonTest #WayoftheMaster

10 Reasons why Christians Shouldn't Drink
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10 Reasons why Christians Shouldn’t Drink

10 Reasons why Christians Shouldn’t Drink – I discuss ten reasons why Christians shouldn’t drink. I even share some scriptures as well. #Drinking #Christians

Shai Linne Lyrical Theology Part 1 - Regeneration
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C.h.r.i.s.t. by Shai Linne Music Video & Lyrics (Unoffiical)

This is an unofficial music video for the song C-h-r-i-s-t by Shai Linne, Christian Rapper. Christ created all things, right? (Yeah!) Lord of Lords, King … #ShaiLinne

Jesus Freak Dayvito - #JesusFreak #Dayvito
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Jesus Freak – Dayvito

This is the song and official music video by Dayvito for Jesus Freak, features Rashaad King. Both Dayvito and Rashaad King are Christian Rappers/Christian Hip-Hop artist in the Christian Music genre. #JesusFreak #Dayvito #RashaadKing (Plus the lyrics)

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Escape by Nostalgia

Escape by Nostalgia, a Rock Solid Christian Rock Band! I learned of this band also from Righteous Rock T.V. #Escape #Nostalgia

Every Saint Has A Past and Every Sinner Has a Future - New Market United Methodist Church
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Past and Future Church Sign

Check out this church sign in New Market, TN that talks about everyone having a past and a future including saints and sinners. (New Market United Methodist Church)

Arise My Love - Newsong
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Arise My Love by Newsong 

This is a lyric music video for the song Arise My Love by Newsong. I also include the lyrics to the song in the blog post. #Newsong #AriseMyLove

The Word of the Week by Justin Breeden - Gospel Compromise
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The Word of the Week – The Danger of Religious Pride

The Word of the Week by Justin Breeden, unadulterated truth of the Word of God to be proclaimed, this week is The The Danger of Religious Pride. #WordoftheWeek #WOTW