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Heaven is For Real Movie Review

This blog entry contains the review of the movie, Heaven is for Real. Is Colton’s vision of heaven what heaven truly is like or is it just that a vision? #HeavenIsForRealMovie #HeavenIsForReal #Heaven

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The Dashed Line! It is What Counts!

What is it about your dashed line on your tombstone that really counts? What does that dashed line mean? What can you do during that time?

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Heaven is For Real Movie Trailer

The movie trailer to Heaven is For Real. This is based on a true story of a little boy Colton. There is a book for this as well. #HeavenIsForReal

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Faith acronym

the acronym for “Faith” #faith #acronym

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If God Isn’t Real Then Why …

My theory of this is if God is not real then why is the world trying to taking Him out of things. If He is not real then there is not need for others to …

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My Recent Blessing from God

2004 Dodge Stratus – A Blessing from God

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10,000 Reasons

What are you thankful for? Can you count them one by one? How about this, can you count 10,000 reasons?

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Hope for Hurting Hearts Movie Review

Do you have a hurting heart that needs help? There is an answer! Do you think there is no end? Do you want to know how to find that? Check out this blog post on this film Hope for Hurting Hearts and see for yourself if you can find it too.

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Church hopping, shopping, or floating

This blog post is about Church hopping, church shopping, church floating, however you want to call it. Check out this take of it. A couple of friends share their take as well.

Christ Took Me Seriously
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Jesus Took Me Seriously

Jesus Took Me Seriously.

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Worship notes on worship

This blog post I share some notes I took on worship, God and more.

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Jesus Died For A Reason Jefferson City Assembly of God Church Sign

Jesus died for a reason – This church sign from Jefferson City Assembly of God tells you why Jesus died. Check out what it says.

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Movie recommendation: The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

My movie recommendation for the movie The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.

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Verses from the Bible – from my daughter

Bible verses from the Bible that my daughter wanted to share with me on a piece of paper.

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Gift Acronym

I share with you a Gift Acronym

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The Living Christmas Tree

My review of Sevier Heights Baptist Church’s The Living Christmas Tree.

Fruit of Spirit: Goodness
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Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness. Do good to one another. Do not do evil to another. We are not to pay evil for evil.

"Where I Belong" by Building 429 Official Music Video
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“Where I Belong” by Building 429 Official Music Video

Where I belong is a very good Christian song from Building 429. This entry contains the official music video from YouTube. and Uploaded by B429. (Which is Building 429).

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God-Jesus (poem)

A poem entitled God-Jesus written by Steve Patterson. © 1998 by Steve Patterson. This poem is considered a diamond type poem.

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4th Days

Every day after your Walk to Emmaus is your fourth days. You are on your walk for three days. You take what you learned while you are on this walk and use it. These 4th Days can be applied to us Christians and used as well to help testify.