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God’s Word: Read It! Study It! Memorize It!

God’s Word: Read It! Study It! Memorize It! We as Christians must do all we can do to read, study and memorize the Word of God.

Spare the Rod
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Truth about Spare the Rod, Spoil the child in the Bible

Does the Bible say to Spare the Rod and Spoil the child or the other way around? Want to find out? I share with you what the Bible says & where you can find it.

Note Taking at Church
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Note taking at church

Note taking at church: Do you take notes of what the pastor is preaching? What about in Bible Study? Sunday School? Discipleship Training? Small Groups?

Prayer Journal
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Prayer Journal

A good way to build spiritual based prayer is to write down your prayers. Writing prayers is a form of keeping a Prayer Journal. #PrayerJournal

Courageous Christian Father Logo
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Blogaversary, an anniversary of blogging. Find out how long I have been blogging and a brief history of me blogging. #Blogging #blogaversary

The Bible is the Map that keeps us on the path - Dumplin Valley Baptist Church Sign
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The Bible is the Map (Church Sign)

I discuss this church sign from Dumplin Baptist in Dandridge, TN. It talks about the Bible being the map. Check out what Dumplin Baptist Church Sign says.

Chattanooga Zoo
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Chattanooga Zoo

During a visit to Chattanooga, TN my daughter and I got to visit the Chattanooga Zoo. This is a review of the Chattanooga Zoo. #ChattanoogaZoo

Uncommon DVD cover
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Uncommon (Movie Review & Trailer)

Movie review & trailer to “Uncommon” “Find your voice” & educate students, teachers, & parents about the fact that students do NOT lose their free speech & freedom of religion when they enter the schoolhouse #Uncommon

Pray for Chattanooga - Marines - DayStar Graphic
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Prayers for Fallen Marines in Chattanooga

Prayers for the fallen Marines &Naval Sailor that were gunned down in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Be Faithful in prayer! #SemperFidelis #SemperFi #USMC #Prayers #Chattanooga #USN

Catching Faith DVD Cover
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Catching Faith (Review & Trailer)

This is an unbiased review of the movie “Catching Faith”. A family is shunned by their community after their football-player son is caught drinking. +Trailer #CatchingFaith

Christian Flag Flown Above the American Flag | Shelby Star Photo
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Christian Flag Flown Above American Flag

Churches are flying the Christian Flag above the American Flag to show the church is accountable To God before Government. #GodBeforeGovernment #ChristianFlag #AmericanFlag

D-A-S-H Ministry Sign
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D-A-S-H Ministry

D-A-S-H Ministry: Drugs, Alcohol, Set free Heaven bound Ministry. We are a detox ministry that tells people that only Jesus can break the chains of addiction. #Dash

Half Way Point of 2015
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The Half Way Point of 2015

July 1, 2015 is the half way point of the year. We have half a year left for this year. Make the most of it for the Kingdom of God! #2015

abortion adoption image
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Abortion is murder

Abortion is murder. I talk about how Abortion is wrong and is murder according to God. Plus maybe try Adoption instead. #Abortion #Adoption #Murder

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Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Bold about your Witness!

Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Bold about your Witness! Take some courage and not be the silent disciple, speak up and share your faith. That that bright light in the dark world.

Great American Campout logo
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The Great American Backyard Campout

I talk about The Great American Backyard Campout, a great time to go camping with the family in your own backyard and share some Bible stories.

God's Word graphic
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God’s Word is Final not Man!

Man can pass a law saying it’s legal for same-sex marriage, but God’s law trumps all laws. We answer to God on judgement day. Woe is a Nation who turns away from God. Plus trailer to Audacity. #Marriage

Baby Ordered to be Split In Half
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Baby Ordered to Be Split in Half!

A Baby was ordered to be split in half because two mothers were arguing over who the baby belonged to. That’s exactly what this king ordered!

End of the World?
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The End of the World?

We all hear that people claim the world will end on a certain date and time? Is that Biblical? Find out in this blog post End of the World?

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Priorities: What is first in your life? Is God first? This post came from my notes from when I was on the Walk to Emmaus. This was my Talk 1. #Priorities #Emmaus