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Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Bold about your Witness!

Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Bold about your Witness! Take some courage and not be the silent disciple, speak up and share your faith. That that bright light in the dark world.

Great American Campout logo
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The Great American Backyard Campout

I talk about The Great American Backyard Campout, a great time to go camping with the family in your own backyard and share some Bible stories.

God's Word graphic
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God’s Word is Final not Man!

Man can pass a law saying it’s legal for same-sex marriage, but God’s law trumps all laws. We answer to God on judgement day. Woe is a Nation who turns away from God. Plus trailer to Audacity. #Marriage

Baby Ordered to be Split In Half
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Baby Ordered to Be Split in Half!

A Baby was ordered to be split in half because two mothers were arguing over who the baby belonged to. That’s exactly what this king ordered!

End of the World?
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The End of the World?

We all hear that people claim the world will end on a certain date and time? Is that Biblical? Find out in this blog post End of the World?

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Priorities: What is first in your life? Is God first? This post came from my notes from when I was on the Walk to Emmaus. This was my Talk 1. #Priorities #Emmaus

Father's Day Gift - Wrapped - The Best Father's Day Gifts
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The Best Father’s Day Gifts

I will have to say 2015, I got the best Father’s Day gifts ever from my daughter. Click to find out what she got me. #FathersDay

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A Mirror Tells Us What’s Wrong

A Mirror shows us what is wrong, just like our spiritual mirror does the same thing.

Praying Hands
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Praying over your Christian Ministry?

I talk and discuss if you pray over your ministry?

Heart Wrenching Forgiveness
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Heart Wrenching Forgiveness Video

A moving forgiveness moment of a family of one of the victims from Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, SC, to gunman Dylann Roof. #forgiveness #charlestonshooting

Submission - Sacrifice Graphic (Greg Laurie)
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Submission – Sacrfice

Check out this quote from Greg Laurie on marriage of a husband and wife about submission and sacrifice. Plus, I discuss this graphic too.

Gospel Acronym (Peculiar Paper)
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Gospel Acronym

Check out these three acronym for the word Gospel. #Gospel

Gift for Dad - 5 Gift Ideas for the Christian Father
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5 Gift Ideas for the Christian Father

Don’t know what to give the Christian Father in your life? Check out these 5 gift ideas for that dad in your life for Father’s Day. #FathersDay

Trust in the Lord (billboard)
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Trust in the Lord (billboard)

Check out this billboard in New Market, TN that talks about Trust in the Lord and comes from two verses in the Bible from Proverbs 3.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Sign
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The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established June 15, 1934. I talk about going hiking or camping and and explorer God’s Creation. Plus, June 15 is National Nature Photography Day. A great day to spend time with what God Created.

2014 & 2015 Stats
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2015 Stats Surpasses 2014 Stats

God given the glory on this increase! The 2015 Stats for Courageous Christian Father has Surpasses the total stats for 2014.

One Kiss on the Forehead
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One Kiss on the Forehead

One kiss on the forehead is much sweeter than a thousand kisses on the lips. No lust but full of love and respect.

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Impossible by Building 429

Impossible by Building 429 Impossible by Building 429 This is the official lyric music video for Building 429 for their…

Homosexuality is a behavior billboard
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Homosexuality is a behavior billboard

I talk and discuss about a controversial billboard. Homosexuality is a behavior billboard. I share Bible verses and more.

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How to get unplugged from your devices

How to get unplugged: While technology can be convenient, many people find themselves spending more time on their devices than they might prefer.