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Everything with God is possible but skiing through a revolving door

Everything with God is possible but skiing through a revolving door – In a world shaped by divine creation, we witness the magnificent wonders of God’s handiwork. From towering mountains to vast oceans, the limits of what is achievable seem boundless. However, within the realm of human ingenuity, there are certain feats that challenge the very fabric of what is deemed possible. Let us embark on a contemplative journey through the lens of scripture to explore the concept of skiing through a revolving door and the profound lessons it imparts.

God the Father
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God the Father

God the Father, is our Heavenly Father only if we are truly we born again (regeneration). That is when we come children of God. We can only become a child of God through His Son Jesus Christ and by Christ alone. #GodtheFather

Satan You Are the Father
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Satan You Are The Father

Satan You Are The Father …

Father's Day
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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! I share about the brief history of this day. I even share some much read Father related blog post. #FathersDay #DadsAreAwesome #Father #Dad #Daddy

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Embracing the Fatherhood of God on Father’s Day

Embracing the Fatherhood of God on Father’s Day – On this special occasion of Father’s Day, we have a beautiful opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon the divine gift of fatherhood. While we honor earthly fathers and their impact in our lives, it is crucial to remember the profound love and guidance of our Heavenly Father, who serves as the ultimate example of perfect fatherhood. In this blog post, let us explore the essence of God’s fatherly nature and how it shapes our understanding of fatherhood. #fathersday #bgbg2

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The Unchanging Love of Our Heavenly Father

The Unchanging Love of Our Heavenly Father – In our earthly journey, many of us have experienced the love and care of a father figure. However, human fathers, with all their imperfections, may fall short at times. But here’s the remarkable truth for those who follow Christ: God the Father stands above all earthly comparisons. His love is unyielding, unwavering, and unlike anything we could ever experience. In this blog post, we will explore the comforting assurance that God the Father will never leave us, forsake us, or abuse us, contrasting His infinite love with the limitations of our earthly fathers. #bgbg2

TV Dads
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Fathers: Old TV Show Dads

I talk about Fathers, Old TV Show Dads, Earthly Fathers and even our Heavenly Father. What Father do you remember from Television? #OldTVShowDads #TVDads #FathersDay #Dad #Father (Can you name some old tv show dads?)

American, Tennessee & Christian Flags
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Flag Day

Flag Day a holiday in June where we celebrate flags. I share the pledge to the American & Christian Flag. #FlagDay #ChristianFlag #AmericanFlag #Flag

Names for Dad (Free Printable)
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Names for Dad Printable

Names for Dad: What do you call your dad? Do you call him Father? Daddy? Old man? Here is a compiled list of names of Dad. #namesfordad #FathersDay #dad #father #FreePrintable

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Running to God: Lessons from Forest Gump’s Unwavering Faith

Running to God: Lessons from Forest Gump’s Unwavering Faith – In the famous film “Forrest Gump,” the titular character embarks on a remarkable journey, running tirelessly across the United States. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, Forrest’s unwavering determination serves as an inspiring example for Christians to embrace in their spiritual journey. In our pursuit of God, we are called to run towards Him with unrelenting fervor, trusting in His grace and guidance. This blog post explores the parallels between Forrest Gump’s relentless running and our own quest to draw closer to God, encouraging us to persevere, no matter the circumstances. #ForestaGump #bgbg2

National Donut Day #NationalDonutDay #DonutDay
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National Donut Day

National Donut Day – a day to get free donuts! Find out where to score a free donut. Plus I mention donut in the Bible. I use a play on words. Do Not! Get it? #NationalDonutDay #DonutDay

Land of the Free Because of the Brave - Memorial Day
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Remembering the Fallen this Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to those men and women who died to protect our freedoms. Plus. Special shoutout to One that shed His blood for our ultimate freedom … Jesus! #MemorialDay

Father acronym Printable (Acronym for Father Printable)
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Acronym for Father Printable

Christian acronym for the word “Father”. It is done like a free verse acrostic poem. You can even download a free version! Written by Steve Patterson. #Father #Dad #FathersDay #DadsAreAwesome #FatherAcronym

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Embracing Imago Dei: Reflecting God’s Image in Our Lives

Title: Embracing Imago Dei: Reflecting God’s Image in Our Lives – In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, He crafted humankind in His own image. Genesis 1:27 declares, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” #bgbg2 #imagodei

Knight Armor
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Sword of the Spirit

The sword of the spirit is one of the most powerful weapons that Christians have in their spiritual arsenal. This metaphorical sword is mentioned in the Bible, specifically in the New Testament, and it represents the word of God.

person wearing silver and black helmet
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Helmet of Salvation

The helmet of salvation is an important piece of spiritual armor mentioned in the Bible, specifically in the book of…

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Feet fitted with Readiness

Feet fitted with Readiness – As Christians, we are called to be prepared and ready to serve God at all…

Good Friday
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Good Friday

I talk about what Good Friday is. Good Friday is part of Holy Week that leads to Easter. This is the day Jesus Died on the Cross at Calvary. #GoodFriday #Easter

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The Talking Donkey in the Bible

Maybe you thought Disney’s Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh or even DreamWork’s Donkey from Shrek was one of the first talking donkeys right? Well … You may want to look again. The Bible shows us there was a talking donkey long before Eeyore or Donkey came out. #Donkey #Eeyore

Serenity Prayer Printable
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Serenity Prayer

I share the Serenity Prayer with you. This prayer is common prayer for Celebrate Recovery, 12 Step Programs, and AA. Plus it is on the Christian faith-based Movie, Home Run.