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Taps performed in Arlington National Cemetery

The buglers of The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own” perform Taps over 5000 missions a year in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. Plus a brief about Taps. #Taps

END IT Movement Logo
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End It Movement

Ever wondered what a red X meant on someones hand? Find out in this blog post about the End It Movement on Sex Trafficking. #EndItMovement

See You At the Pole - Evangelism Week - Global Week of Student Prayer image
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Evangelism Week & Global Week of Student Prayer

September 20-26, 2015 is Evangelism week and also Global Week of Student Prayer. Plus See You A the Pole for prayer on Wednesday September 23. #syatp

Criminalization of Christianity
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Criminalization of Christianity

Criminalization of Christianity seems to be in the start with the arrest of Kim Davis for not issuing same-sex marriage license that went against her faith.

Uncommon DVD cover
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Uncommon (Movie Review & Trailer)

Movie review & trailer to “Uncommon” “Find your voice” & educate students, teachers, & parents about the fact that students do NOT lose their free speech & freedom of religion when they enter the schoolhouse #Uncommon

Christian Flag Flown Above the American Flag | Shelby Star Photo
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Christian Flag Flown Above American Flag

Churches are flying the Christian Flag above the American Flag to show the church is accountable To God before Government. #GodBeforeGovernment #ChristianFlag #AmericanFlag

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By His Stripes We Are Healed

By His stripes we are healed. The stripes of Jesus gave us the ultimate freedom. The freedom over sin and freedom of eternal life in Heaven.

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Pro-Life: A Voice for the Voiceless

Check out this pro-life floor speech, by Sean Duffy, on abortion & standing up for those who cannot speak. Those lives that can feel pain and are aborted. No one tells you about the cries of a baby during an abortion.

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Memorial Day Video

A video I made for Memorial Day at Cherokee Dam and Lake. Find out who I thank for our freedom and who I believe gave the ultimate freedom to us. Plus a mention of Bible Stories of the Sea series.

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We Remember

We Remember all those men and women fall in duty and also served or serving to protect our freedom. (SkitGuy Video) No Greater Love …

Selfies or Sacrifice
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Selfies or Sacrifice

This grandfather talks to his grandson about Memorial Day, The American Flag and Sacrifice in this SKitGuy video Selfies or Sacrifice. #GodBlessAmerica #MemorialDay

Marriage Sunday
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Marriage Sunday

Marriage Sunday: Stand up for the Biblical definition of marriage. One Man, One Woman! #StandForMarriage Sunday, April 26 and every day we need to pray for our country, leaders etc for Biblical standards.

March for Marriage logo
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March for Marriage

March for Marriage, you can help take a stand do a march either at the location, your hometown or a virtual march for taking a stand to keep the true Biblical Marriage in America. One Man, One Woman.

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In Plain Sight (Review & Trailer)

In Plain Sight a documentary about sex trafficking. I share my review, about the film and the trailer. #InPlainSight

The Cross
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Christian Church is for Worshiping the One True God of the Bible Only!

The Christian Church is for worshiping the one true God of the Bible, not for Muslims to have their prayer and cover up God’s Crosses and any Christian symbols.

What if?
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What if?

What if it was illegal to go to church or witness? Worship Jesus Christ? Would you be bold and still do it facing jail, lose of job, schooling, or even death?

Oneida Cheerleaders Praying (Photo: Huffington Post)
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Oneida Cheerleaders Pray On Field Despite Ban

Way to take a stand to these Oneida High School cheerleaders for taking a stand on prayer despite the prayer ban.

A Gideon Bible where it's often found, in a hotel nightstand.
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Bible Removal

Bibles are being removed from a hotel chain. Find out which ones and where! #Bible

Freedom is not Free Church Sign
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Freedom is not Free

Freedom is not free, this church sign is a reminder that freedom is not free. There is always a cost to freedom. #Freedom

Hobby Lobby Logo
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Hobby Lobby Wins Contraceptive Ruling in Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby takes a stand against ObamaCare dealing with contraceptives and birth control that can especially lead to abortion. #HobbyLobby