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Top 20 States Into Barbecue – Barbecue, also known as barbeque or BBQ, is both a way to prepare food and a style of food. The traditional purist definition of barbecue is meat that is smoked and cooked slowly over wood or charcoal.

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Skewered chicken goes great on the grill – Grilling chicken is an easy way to transform this versatile food into something even more delicious. Various cultures serve chicken in kebab form after grilling it over an open flame, and taste is a big reason this particular method of cooking chicken is so beloved. Recipe for Spiedini of Chicken and Zucchini with Almond Salsa Verde.

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Exploring the history of peanuts – Peanuts and their creamy offshoot, peanut butter, are popular snack foods and lunchtime staples. The distinct and mild flavor of peanuts attracts many people to these shelled legumes, which many might be surprised to learn aren’t true nuts.

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The food truck industry continues to rev up – Diners interested in trying the latest in fresh, convenient, trendy, local, and eclectic fare are looking for more than just a static address these days. Their favorite food could be on the move.

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Howdy! When I hear that word it reminded me of a day when I worked at a Burger King. They had the Western Whopper Value Meal they were trying to push.

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Memorial Day BBQ tips – Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. For many, Memorial Day weekend also signifies their first chance to invite friends and family over for a backyard barbecue. While some never put their grills away for the winter, braving the cold so they can keep grilling year-round, many may need a refresher to ensure their Memorial Day BBQ starts summer off on the right foot. #Grilling

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Chicken soup is good for more than the soul – While there’s no cure for the common cold, cold remedies have been around for centuries. Chicken soup remains one of the more popular cold remedies. Grandmothers have long espoused the virtues of chicken soup with regard to treating colds, but now research is backing up those claims. #ChickenSoup

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