Manuary Stepping Up book
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Forget January, Hello MANuary

FamilyLife is developing godly marriages and families, is challenging the men of America to participate in MANuary by being Strong, courageous men to lead in their homes and the positive effects impact the whole community. #MANuary #FamilyLife

Deviled Eggs
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Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs – One thing you usually always find at a church luncheon is deviled eggs. Sounds ironic doesn’t it? It has implication of devil in it. Plus a recipe! #DeviledEggs

Oikos Not the Yogurt! (Greek: οἶκος, plural: οἶκοι) - Family of God
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Oikos Not the Yogurt!

Oikos Not the Yogurt! You might think of yogurt but did you know the word in Greek has a different meaning? Family! #Oikos #Family

The new look of the Life Book 2018
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the life book movement saturating the schools with the gospel

Are you a youth leader, minister or director or even pastor of church? Would you like to get your youth involved in handing out the Gospel in their school and to their friends/peers? #thelifebook #lifebook #ccf #SYATP #SeeYouAtThePole #WECryOut

6 Places To Eat in Morristown, TN
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6 Places to eat in Morristown

6 Places to eat in Morristown. I complied a list of restaurants that I like to eat at in Morristown, TN. Some of these are local restaurants, while others are not. #Morristown

Firehouse Meatball Sub
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How To Get A Free Firehouse Sub On Your Birthday

Free Firehouse Sub on your birthday. Find out where you can get a free sub sandwich for your birthday. A great place to take your family. #FirehouseSubs #FreeFirehouseSub #FreeSub #August6 #Birthday

Bush's Family Cafe
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BUSH’S Family Cafe

BUSH’S Family Cafe – Come enjoy a family meal after or before visiting the Bush’s Museum. Here you can enjoy some of good cooking food.

Free Grub For Dad on Father's Day
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Free Grub For Dad on Father’s Day

I’ve compiled a list of places that is giving free grub for dad on Father’s Day. So dads plenty of places and chances to get some free food. Mom always said never turn down free food! #FreeFoodFathersDay #FreeGrubFathersDay #FathersDay #DadsAreAweome #FreeGrub #FreeFood #Dads (PLEASE SHARE & LIKE)

To the World you are dad, to your family you are the world. Father's Day Church Sign Nina Baptist Church
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To the World You Are Dad Church Sign

To the World You Are Dad Church Sign – This is a Father’s Day related church sign about dad and the world, as in To Your Family You Are The World.

In-Loves Not In-Laws
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In-Loves Not In-Laws

In-Loves Not In-Laws … When you get married you get in-laws, your spouses family. But in stead of saying in-laws how about in-loves instead. #InLaws #InLoves

Journey Through Bethelhem
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Journey through Bethlehem

The Journey through Bethlehem is an inside Christmas Program for all ages depicting the life of Jesus Christ. You are able to get a look back in time of what really happened in Bethlehem. This is great for young children who have questions about Christmas. There are visual scripture aides and live animals.

Blogger Recognition Award #BloggerRecognitionAward
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Received The Blogger Recognition Award by Two Different Bloggers

Received The Blogger Recognition Award by Two Different Bloggers. Yes, you saw that right, two different blogs have recognized Courageous Christian Father for the Blogger Recognition Award. Plus, find out who I nominate to receive this award! #BloggerRecognitionAward

Surprizamals #Surprizamals
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Surprizamals Review

Surprizamals Review. You never know what animal you will get inside the ball. That is one reason they are called Surprizamals. #Surprizamals

Stepping on Toes - Heart Image
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Children: From Stepping on Toes to Stepping on Heart

Children Step On Your Toes As A Child, Step On Your Heart As They Grow Up. Did you know we do the same thing to our Heavenly Father?

Steve's Enjoys a half priced sonic shake! (Half Price Shakes)
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Sonic: Half Price Shakes

Sonic Half Price Shakes – If you are like me, you like free food or even half priced or even specials that have a big savings. Specials at 2-4 pm and after 8 pm #sonicdrivein #MilkShakes #HalfPriceShakes

Put Your Air Mask On First - Lead by Example
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Put your air mask on first

In case of loss of cabin pressure put on your air mask first, than put on your child’s air mask. This is part of leading by example.

inspiring gospel tract story
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An Inspiring Gospel Tract Story

Check out this inspiring young boy journey at handing out gospel tracts. Not to mention, it was a rainy day as this young boy handed them out. That tract you hand out just may save someone who is lost. #GospelTracts #Rain

Outdoor Truths - Gary Miller
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Success A Father’s Desire | Outdoor Truths

Success A Father’s Desire is this weeks Outdoor Truth with Gary Miller about Our heavenly Father’s desire is for us to prosper. This doesn’t mean it’s … #OutdoorTruths #GaryMiller

Patterson Post 2016
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Patterson Post 2016 – The Patterson Family Christmas Newsletter

Patterson Post 2016. This is the 16th Issue of the Patterson Post, the Patterson Family Christmas Newsletter. This years theme is 12 Days of Christmas. #PattersonPost #ChristmasNewsletter

Hot Fudge Cake
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National Free Hot Fudge Cake Day

National Free Hot Fudge Cake Day. Find out where you can land a slice of free hot fudge cake with no additional purchase necessary. #HotFudgeCakeDay