Leviticus 18:22 Billboard
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Billboard with Bible Verse in Portland

A billboard in Portland is stirring up controversy. It has the appearance of a Bible, with a Bible verse on one side and a quote on the other.

#X Before You Drive
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Quick Guide: #X (Pound X) Before You Drive so others will know

Quick Guide: #X (Pound X) Before You Drive so others will know What is #X? Do you use #X? Has someone sent you #X? Find out about #X. #PoundX #StoptheText

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Every Boy Needs A HERO (Trailer & Review)

Every Boy needs a Hero, a new great & wonderful family-friend, Dove Family Approved movie about a importance of a father to his family. #Hero

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Manners Matter!

Manners matter or do they? Does Saying “Thank You” “Your Welcome” “Yes Sir” “No Sir” “Yes Ma’am” “No Ma’am” “Excuse Me” etc. still matter?

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31 Days with God for Fathers Book Review

Devotional book review for “31 Days with God for Fathers”.

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When the Game Stands Tall (Official Trailer)

When the Game Stands Tall, Official Trailer, a Christian Faith-based Movie. A remarked story about a coach that took a team on a long record breaking winning streak. #StandTall

Piedmont Baptist Church Block Party 2014
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Block party

Block Party at Piedmont Baptist Church in Dandridge, TN! Free cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, & hot dogs and inflatables! #BlockParty

Suicide & Chrisitanity
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Suicide & Christianity

This blog post talks some about suicide and Christianity. From people in the Bible who has to those who had the thoughts. Plus if it’s okay or not. #suicide

iPhone: Remove From Recents
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iPhone: Remove from Recents

I share with you how to remove recent contacts on your iPhone, these are the ones you see when you go to compose a message in iMessenger or Email. #iphone

Do Not Call Registry
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Do Not Call Registry

Do you want to stop telemarketers or unwanted, unsolicited phone or cellular calls? Then I would suggestion the Do Not Call Registry. You can add your numbers to the list.

Iced Coffee @ Chick-fil-A
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Iced Coffee & New Hot Coffee at Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A now serves iced coffee and a new hot coffee by a new vender. Read more about this new product they are offering, when should they have it and more. #coffee #chickfila

Back to School
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Back to School

It is time to go back to school. My daughter started school today. It is hard to believe she is in the grade she is in. Kids grow up fast.

Steve inside Ripley's Amazing Mirror Maze
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Ripley’s Amazing Mirror Maze

Ripley’s Amazing Mirror Maze: Can you find your way? Mirrors can help make other optical illusions. #MirrorMaze

Steve Poses with Lucille Ball @ Hollywood Wax Museum
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Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum: Come meet the stars, come pose and get your pictures taken with the stars, stars made of wax that is. #hollywoodwaxmuseum

Steve gives Ripley's Moving Theater 5D a Thumbs Up!
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Ripley’s Moving Theater 5D

Ripley’s Moving Theater 5D: Come experience a 3D interactive movie, come feel like you are part of the experience. #5D #MotionTheater

Hannah's Maze of Mirrors
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Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors: Can you find your way through endless of optical appearances of this is the way to go. Will you be able to save Princess Hannah?

Castle of Chaos
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Castle of Chaos

Castle of Chaos, 5D adventure, it’s a 3D film, a ride and a video game all in one. Come spin and shoot at creatures on the screen. #castleofchaos

New Market Firetruck - In God We Trust
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New Market Firetruck

Check out what is inscribed on the side of this New Market, TN firetruck, something that I am glad to see, but I know others would want removed. (New Market, TN)

Black iPhone
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How to Put your Verizon iPhone to StraightTalk (BYOP)

How to Put your Verizon iPhone to StraightTalk (BYOP) – The Verizon iPhone now able to be put onto Straight Talk. #iPhone #StraightTalk

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Home Run Movie Review

Home Run, A Christian faith-based film. This film is about addiction and overcoming it. This film also talks about Celebrate Recovery. I briefly talk about this film and review it. #HomeRun