Strength to Stand - Don't Look Back - #stsdontlookback
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My First Strength to Stand Experience

I blog about my first Strength to Stand Experience, which is similar to Xtreme Winter but different. Find out what I had to say about this conference. #STSDontLookBack #StrengthtoStand #XtremeWinter

The Most Segregated Day is Sunday
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The Most Segregated Day is Sunday

The Most Segregated Day is Sunday why is that? When we are suppose to by the body of Christ why are we divided or set apart a body and not in unity as one.

Dirty Water Lacrae
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Dirty Water – Lacrae

This is the lyric video of the song “Dirty Water” by Lacrae. #DirtyWater #Lacrae

Jesus Save Us by Young Disciples of Messiah Muzik (Screenshot)
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Jesus Save Us – Young Disciples Messiah Muzic

Check out the Zarate family children (Young Disciples) of Messiah Muzic doing the song Jesus Save Us. These three young children do a great job with this song Jesus Save us, I know you hear my prayers. This is a Christian Rap song. #MessiahMuzik

Annual Report for 2015
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Annual Report: 2015

2015 Annual Report for Courageous Christian Father. Find out all the stats from 2015. How many blog post published, top 10 blog post, longest streak, top referring sites, posting patterns and much more.

MercyMe "It's Christmas!" Pizza Ranch CD Cover
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MercyMe It’s Christmas CD Review

This is unbiased review of the Christmas CD by MercyMe It’s Christmas! I share my review and some info about this Christmas CD. #PizzaRanchMercyMe #MercyMe #PizzaRanch

Living by Faith - Before & After image
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Living by Faith Sponsor 1 Year Now

Courageous Christian Father has been the sponsor of the Living by Faith page printed in the Smoky Mountain Trader & Tri-State Connection for one year now. #LivingbyFaith

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Riding for Jesus by Eden’s Way

This is the music video for Eden’s Way called Riding for Jesus. This video is done by Righteous Rock TV TM. Eden’s Way is a Christian Rock Band.

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Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – BYU Noteworthy

An all female A cappella female group, from BYU called Noteworthy as they sing a cover song for Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) #AmazingGrace #Noteworthy

Smoky Mountain NASCAR Speedpark Review
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NASCAR Speedpark (Review)

This is my review of the Smoky Mountain NASCAR Speedpark in Sevierville, TN. #NASCARSpeedpark

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At the Cross (Love Ran Red) Cover

Check out this cover song by Sindey Montano. She did the song by Chris Tomlin At the Cross (Love Ran Red). #LoveRanRed #AtTheCross

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Asking Mercy by Saving Darkness

Song by Saving Darkness, a South Carolina based Christian Rock band and their new song Asking Mercy. #AskingMercy #SavingDarkness

Biblical Times Dinner Theater - Days of Elijiah
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Days of Elijah – Biblical Times Dinner Theater

Review of the production & meal for Days of Elijah at Biblical Times Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN. #DaysofElijah #BiblicalTimesDinnerTheater

Nails by Red Letter Disciple
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Nails by Red Letter Disciple

This is a music video for the song “Nails” by Red Letter Disciple. Can you feel the nails? Can you feel the pain? Do you know disgrace? Can you see the shame? #RedLetterDisciple #Nails

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War Room (Trailer & Review)

This is my review, notes, the synopsis & the movie trailer of the Christian Movie, War Room about the power of prayer. #WarRoom #WarRoomMovie #prayer

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Standing up for Jesus!

This is the ultimate question. You are held gun point. You are asked to denounce your belief in Christ (deny Christ) and you will not be shot, but if you say you you accept Christ and belong to Him, you will be shot. What would you do? Would you admit you belong to Him or would you deny Him?

Uncommon DVD cover
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Uncommon (Movie Review & Trailer)

Movie review & trailer to “Uncommon” “Find your voice” & educate students, teachers, & parents about the fact that students do NOT lose their free speech & freedom of religion when they enter the schoolhouse #Uncommon

Jeremy Camp Poster 2015 Manley
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MATS Benefit Concert featuring Jeremy Camp

Benefit concert for MATS, a ministry to help the homeless, will feature Jeremy Camp, live in concert in Morristown, TN. #MATS #JeremyCamp

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Turn Around by Arsenal on RRTV

This is a music video with lyrics for the song “Turn Around” by Arsenal Christian Band on Righteous Rock TV (RRTV). Arsenal Christian Band is a great Christian Rock band.

Reign by Risen Warrior on RRTV
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Reign by Risen Warrior on RRTV

This is a music video for Risen Warrior, a great Christian Rock Metal band. This is their song “Reign” This video is done by Righteous Rock TV. #RisenWarrior