Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers – Collection of Cat Salt Shakers & Cat Pepper Shakers
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Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers!

Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers! Yes, you saw that right! Cat Salt Shakers and Cat Pepper Shakers at this one museum.

What is behind cat scratching?
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What is behind cat scratching?

What is behind cat scratching? – Cats do not claw at things because they are inherently bad pets. Rather, the urge to scratch is buried within their DNA.

Joel the Brave
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Meet Joel the Brave

Joel the Brave – a rescued Black American Short Hair Cat. He is part of the family and I would like you to meet him and please welcome him to the Patterson Furever home. #JoeltheBrave

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5 Free Cat Toys (Or Almost Free)

5 Free Cat Toys (Or Almost Free) Toys that your cat can play with that would cost you next to nothing or even free! Some of these can be DIY cat toys too!

Curiosity Killed the Cat
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Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity killed the cat. We always hear that term when people get interested or curious about something. But, what does it mean?

God Created Cats - Multiple Cats - Benefits Owning A Cat
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Reasons God Created Cats

God Created Cats! So Thank God For Us Cats! Cats were created on the 6th day of creation.

New Cat Checklist (LifeLine Animal Project)
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New Cat Checklist

New Cat Check List. Getting a new cat or kitten? This list may help you with what you need. #Cats #NewCat #NewKitten #Kitten

Free Cat Box Fort
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Free Cat Box Fort

Free Cat Box Fort. You can make a free playground for your cat using free boxes!

Prayer of a Stray Cat
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Prayer of a Stray Cat

Prayer of a Stray Cat. by James Donovan
Dear God please send me somebody who’ll care!
I’m tired of running, I’m sick with despair.

Copy Cat #CopyCat
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Copycat. You ever hear that term before? I know you kids have played that game. You often will say stop copying me! #CopyCat

Lilly Bug the Barking Cat
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Calico Cats

Calico cats a cat with a bunch of different colors on their fur. But there is so much more to a calico cat.

Cat Megaphone
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To get my hoomans attention …

To get my hoomans attention … Lilly Bug talks about cats imitating sounds.

no-kill movement - Cat being held by woman.
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Passion and Progress for Nation’s No-Kill Movement

More Americans are embracing the idea that killing shelter animals is not an ethical or viable way to control companion animal populations in the U.S. End-of-year statistics from Best Friends Animal Society, a leading national animal welfare organization, illustrate the no-kill movement’s progress.

A Cat in a Pet Carrier read to go to the vet
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Make vet visits easier on cats

Cats may be hesitant to leave their homes, but cat owners can take several steps to make vet visits more pleasant. Check out these tips. #Cats

A Cat in a Cat Litter Box
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Prevent litter box problems

Routine maintenance can eliminate litter box problems. If you have children, you know they can slack on maintaining their chores to help keep the litter box clean. But, it is very important for us and the cat to keep up with it. #Cats #LitterBox

Kitty Litter Cake Recipe
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Kitty Litter Cake

The recipe to make a kitty litter cake. Looks nasty but It’s Completely edible! #KittyLitterCake #GrossCakes #CatLitterCake

Lilly Bug - National Hug Your Cat Day
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Lilly Bug

Lilly Bug, newest member of the Patterson Family. Lilly Bug has her furever home with my daughter and I. Id you can adopt a pet, I encourage you to do so.