America Bless God Piedmont Baptist Church Sign
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America Bless God

I talk about how we need to stop saying God Bless America and start saying America Bless God. God has already blessed America, we are just turning our backs on God and no longer blessing God. #GodBlessAmerica #AmericaBlessGod

All Things White
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All Things White

All Things Color Series: All Things White. In this post I will talk about the color white and how it is mentioned in the Bible and what the color means. #White

All Things Orange
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All Things Orange

All Things Color Series: All Things Orange. In this post I will talk about the color orange and how it is mentioned in the Bible and what the color means. #Orange

All Things Black
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All Things Black

All Things Color Series: All Things Black. In this post I will talk about the color black and how it is mentioned in the Bible and what the color means. #Black

Jesus Freak Dayvito - #JesusFreak #Dayvito
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Jesus Freak – Dayvito

This is the song and official music video by Dayvito for Jesus Freak, features Rashaad King. Both Dayvito and Rashaad King are Christian Rappers/Christian Hip-Hop artist in the Christian Music genre. #JesusFreak #Dayvito #RashaadKing (Plus the lyrics)

The Ark Encounter
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Ark Encounter Guests to be Immersed in Ancient World

The rural landscape just off I-75 in Williamstown, Kentucky provides the ideal scenic backdrop for taking guests back in time as they approach the life-size Noah’s Ark, the world’s next great family theme park. #ArkEncounter

Our Nose in the Bible
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Our nose in the Bible

What if we spend at much time with our nose in our phones, tablets or other technology as we do putting our nose in our Bible and actually read and study it?

Hear No Evil Awakened DVD
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Awakened Movie Review

This is a movie review for the movie Hear No Evil “Awakened”, a faith-based movie. I also share the trailer to this movie too. #Awakened

Chasing Grace DVD Cover
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Chasing Grace Movie Review

This is my review of the faith-based movie Chasing Grace along with the trailer to this movie. “Fooling yourself is easy, forgiving yourself isn’t.” #ChasingGrace

DIY Drive-In Movie Night | PaidDadBlog
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PlaidDadBlog: DIY Drive-In Movie Night Idea

Check out this PlaidDadBlog Idea for a great family DIY Drive-In Movie Night idea. A great way to get the children involved in that special event and you can get creative too!

The Only Cure For Sin
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The Only Cure for Sin

Sin is like a form of caner, it eats us alive from the inside out. If someone had the cure for something wouldn’t you want them to share it? I am sharing the only cure to sin in this blog post. #bgbg2 #cure

Outdoor Truths - Gary Miller
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Outdoor Truths – Father’s Day

This weeks Outdoor Truths with Gary Miller is about memory they have will include you, dad, Father’s Day. #FathersDay #OutDoorTruths #GaryMiller

Living Hope DVD
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Living Hope Documentary Review

Documentary review & movie trailer for Living Hope. Even in the darkness of despair, there is hope. Narrated by Joel Smallbone of For King & Country. #LivingHope

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Courageous Christian Father

Courageous Christian Father is a Christian Blog, Daddy Blog, Family Blog, Recipe Blog, Review Blog and more. Mostly blogging about God, Bible, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well as the Christian Family.

Modalism Cave Quest
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Modalism Taught in the Cave Quest VBS

Talk about modalism being taught in the Cave Quest VBS. I talk about that modalism is. I also talk about that the Bible shows us about the Triune God (Trinity) I talk that and The Hypostatic Union. #Modalism #CaveQuest #Trinity #TriuneGod #HypostaticUnion #bgbg2

Hypostatic Union - Shai Linne
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The Hypostatic Union – Shai Linne

“The Hypostatic Union”. It’s the first single off Shai Linne’s album, Lyrical Theology Part One. It was produced by Die-Rek. Shai Linne is a Christian Rapper, Theologian Rapper. #HypostaticUnion #ShaiLinne

Christ Tomorrow Church Sign
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Christ Tomorrow Church Sign

I passed this church Community Chapel Freewill Baptist Church on Monday, May 16, 2016. This church is in Talbott, TN. (Tomorrow)

Young Zacchaeus ReverendFun
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Young Zacchaeus In School Comic

I share a Christian comic by ReverendFun called Young Zacchaeus in School”. I also talk about how Jesus saw Zacchaeus. #Zacchaeus

The Word of the Week by Justin Breeden - Gospel Compromise
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The Word of the Week – Gospel Compromise

The Word of the Week by Justin Breeden, unadulterated truth of the Word of God to be proclaimed, this week is about Gospel Compromise. #WordoftheWeek #WOTW

Father's Day Tough Love Comic
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Touch Love Comic

The Back Pew Comic by Jeff Larson on Tough Love and the Rebellious Son who refuse to obey their dads. If your son is stubborn, disobeys and does not … #BackPew