Coffee Acronym - Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere
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Coffee Acronym

Coffee Acronym – Here is a Christian Acronym for the word coffee. I saw this and knew I had to share with my readers. Christ Offers … #Coffee

Illuminate Church Tempe Arizona
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Illuminate Church Plant in Tempe, Arizona

Illuminate Church Plant in Tempe, Arizona – Tempe, AZ is a very unchurched and dark city in Arizona. That is where Josh Morgan and his wife Caley come to serve and do this church start, church plant. I got to know Joshua at my job. Getting to talk to him about the Lord and Church planting and more. I can see his zeal to reach the lost. I hope you can come with me to pray for him, this church plant and the people of Tempe. #IlluminateChurch

Good Night Acronym Printable #GoodNight
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Good Night Acronym

Good Night Acronym – I was looking for some night-time acronyms or acrostics and figured I would write one of my own. I also make it into a free printable too. #GoodNight

Ask Acronym - Ask, Seek, Knock
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Ask Acronym – Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask acronym. Making an acronym for three different ways we can talk to God. Ask, Seek, Knock. Plus, I got over each one of these words using Matthew 7.

Frog Image
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Frog Acronym

Christian Acronym for the word Frog. So when you see a frog form now on, may it remind you of this Frog Acronym. #FrogAcronym

Hope Acronym - Hold On Pain Ends
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Hope Acronym

Hope Acronym – I am sharing this with you. I saw this on a business sign. It was an acronym for the word Hope. I share two different acronyms for the word hope. #Hope #HopeAcronym

Blessing Acronym
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Blessing Acronym

Blessing Acronym. An acronym for the word blessing. This acronym is done like an acrostic by

Relationships Acronym
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Relationships Acronym

Relationships Acronym. This is an acrostic acronym for the word relationships. It is a Christian one too.

911 Babies make some noise #911Babies #Abortion
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911 Babies

911 Babies – a website that is taking a stand against abortion and allowing women to know they have a choice. #911Babies #Abortion #Babies #ProLife

Fighter Acronym - Faith In God Has Tremendously Exciting Results
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Fighter acronym

Fighter acronym – This is a Christian acronym for the word Fighter. Plus I talk about this Christian acronym too. #Fighter

Abortion is only permitted by the silence of the church
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Abortion is only permitted by the silence of the church

Abortion is only permitted by the silence of the church – Eddie DeHart of here. Sick and tired of people being not willing to take the blame for abortion especially church leaders. Silence is the language of apathy! Is anyone to blame that millions of infants each year, for example, are killed before they can gasp their first breath of fresh air? #911Babies #Abortion

Praying Hands - Missionaries
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SIGCO Pray 2016

The Stand in the Gap Coalition – SIGCO Pray 2016 – Does that mean God is not hearing or answering the prayers of his followers? We learn in God’s Word that He does not always deliver his people (who are obedient) out of bad situations.

Annual Report for 2015
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Annual Report: 2015

2015 Annual Report for Courageous Christian Father. Find out all the stats from 2015. How many blog post published, top 10 blog post, longest streak, top referring sites, posting patterns and much more.

War Room / Prayer Wall
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War Room / Prayer Wall

I blog about having a War Room, Prayer Room, Prayer Wall or Prayer Journal. We can do our fighting in prayer, a communication with God, give Him all our cares and worries. #WarRoom #PrayerRoom #PrayerWall #PrayerJournal

Prevenient Grace
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Prevenient Grace

What is Prevenient Grace? This blog entry discusses Prevenient Grace. I also share an acronym for the word Grace. #PrevenientGrace

Gospel Acronym (Peculiar Paper)
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Gospel Acronym

Check out these three acronym for the word Gospel. #Gospel

Glow: God Lights Our World
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Glow Acronym

Glow Acronym I share a Christian acronym for the word “glow”. I saw this while at the LifeWay store and wanted to share with my readers. #Grow

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Talking to your GPS

I talk about talking to God (pray without ceasing). I talk about we talk to our GPS’s. why not talk to God too? I also share a video from Michael Jr., a Christian comedian, who shares how God is like a GPS system. Plus a link to my post on the acronym for GPS.

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GPS Acronym

GPS Acronym – We know that it means Global Positioning Satellite, but this blog post shares what the Christian acronym for GPS stands for.

CEO Christians
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Church Sign for CEO Christians

Check out what this church sign says about Easter being over with and what they say about seeing you again. #churchsign