Calico Cats

Calico cats a cat with a bunch of different colors on their fur. But there is so much more to a calico cat.

Calico Cats

As you can tell, I am a Calico Cat. I wanted to share some information about what a calico cat is in the time I have to sneak on my hoomans laptop. I am very clever, I take the stuff off the top of it, open it up and put the stuff back on top, in the same spot my hooman had it. But, it is temping to eat some of the beef jerky that is on top.

I guess since my hooman is asleep, it is a bit easier, since we cats are nocturnal. That means we like to sleep during the day and be out at night. However, I just sleep when ever I want … day or night.


According to WikiPediaCalico cats are domestic cats with a spotted or particolored coat that is predominantly white, with patches of two other colors.

But, look at me, I don’t have much white, nor does Squeaker, this stray can I see my hooman feed and talk to a lot outside. Yes, hooman, I hear you talking to that cat and giving it a name! Anyways, back to the white, I have it on my belly, neck, paws and even a spot on my nose. I think I mentioned this, but my vet says that is a good identify mark on me. Most cats and even dogs usually have unique markings in their coat of fur.

Both me and Squeaker have mostly black markings. I do have a little bit of white, but Squeaker doesn’t have much of any white, if at all.

However, Calico Cat is not a breed of cat. It actually just refers to our multiple color patterned fur. So all of these types of breeds can be a calico …

  • Manx
  • American Shorthair
  • British Shorthair
  • Persian
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Siberian
  • Turkish Van
  • Turkish Angora
  • Norwegian Forest

Did you know Calico Cats are most always female? That is because of the X chromosome.

Calico Cats are usually sweet, loving and loyal cats too. We can also be independent cats too.

Did you also know Maryland named the Calico Cat it’s official State Cat in October of 2001? That is because we share the colors of the Maryland State Bird … Baltimore Oriole. Plus, we share the colors of Marylands State Insect the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly too. I guess, Maryland wanted to keep the color scheme there. What do you think?

Calico Cats were even mentioned in an older Children’s Poem called “The Duel.” This poem featured a gingham pup and a calico cat. This poem was written by Eugene Fields. See the first part of that poem below.

The gingham dog and the calico cat
Side by side on the table sat;
‘T was half-past twelve, and (what do you think!)
Nor one nor t’ other had slept a wink!
      The old Dutch clock and the Chinese plate
      Appeared to know as sure as fate
There was going to be a terrible spat.
            (I was n’t there; I simply state
What was told to me by the Chinese plate!)

The gingham dog went “Bow-wow-wow!”
And the calico cat replied “Mee-ow!”

Continue reading the poem at

Even an artist liked painting us, 18th century French painter Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin.

I guess sitting behind my hooman has helped me learn how to blog. I best get off before I wake up my hooman.

I don’t watch movies, but an Australia movie theater has a calico cat, Marzipan, who would sit in peoples lap and greet movie goers. Marzipan must have liked movies, I don’t get into watching TV or movies, etc. Sadly Marzipan did pass away. I am sure that made movie goers sad. I am sure Marzipan cheered up a lot of people.

I will close on this note, some people will having a calico cat is almost like having three cats in one. I don’t know what that means if, that is a good thing or a bad thing.

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Author: Lilly Bug

I'm Lilly Bug, a female calico cat / tortoiseshell cat  living in Jefferson City, TN and I want to share my adventures with you. Plus, I share other cat information too. I live with my daddy hooman, Steve and my momma hooman Heather. Plus let's not forget my brother cat, Joel the Brave. I am part of 2 Cats and a Blog that now blog here on Courageous Christian Father, the blog my dadda hooman does.

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  1. Hi, We are two tortoiseshell cats. Us tortoiseshell cats are like calico cats except that we don’t have any big white patches. Tortoiseshells are also almost always female. Tortoiseshell cats are called torties for short. We are not any special breed of cat. We are just ordinary mixed domestic cats. Here is a post we wrote about the patterns of markings on tortie faces after we looked at lots of tortie (and probably some calico) faces on the internet: . From Sasha & Lola at 2 Blogging Cats.

    1. Oh wow that’s rather cool. I never knew that. Thank you for sharing. Learn something new everyday.

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