Caged No More Movie Review and Trailer

Movie review and the movie trailer for the faith-based movie, Caged No More. The movie is from the co-producers of God’s Not Dead. #CagedNoMore

Caged No More Movie Review and Trailer

Synopsis: Aggie has just stepped into her worst nightmare. Her two granddaughters have disappeared, and the only clue she posses is forgotten laptop. Aware she only has a short window of time, she feels helpless to save them as her money and influence are scarce. Desperate to get her girls back, Aggie risk everything to cross paths with Richard and Dottie DuMonde, two of the wealthiest and most connected people in New Orleans. Certainly, once they hear her story, they will help. But what Aggie doesn’t foresee is the dark world she’s about to step into, or the dangers of accompanying the rescue needed to bring her girls home.


Caged No More came out to theaters in January 22, 2016 and DVD June 7, 2016. Be inspired as a freedom fighter and learn more about human trafficking in this movie. This movie features Loretta Devine, Kevin Sorbo, Alan Powell and Cassidy Gifford. Even an appearance of Natalie Grant.

This movie will also be part of a Trilogy, so that means this will be a continued movie into three movies. This movie is about one and half hours long. It is rated PG-13. It also has Faith Friendly Dove Award.

My review may contain spoilers, so please be advised.

My Review

Setting is in the French Quarters of New Orleans, LA and in Greece. Like mentioned above, this movie does deal with selling children, human trafficking. The movie is done like narrative type movie too.

Caged No More - DVD Cover

I have enjoyed this movie. It has kept me in suspense, as well as, it made me think, what if this happened to my daughter or someone else I knew. Plus, I know this is one of the fasted global crimes in the world, as a matter of fact, you can see other movies and blog post talking about Human Trafficking below.

Speaking Greek

Caged No More is not only in English, but in Greek too. The Greek is done in subtitles, then, it is repeated by a translator in English, if not subtitles were given. That requires you to pay attention more.

The grandmother, Aggie, does a lot of talking about God and her faith and trusting in Him. One of the quotes that stood out in the movie to me is the one in the pull quote.

[pullquote]“My God is on my side. My Lord didn’t bring me this far to leave me now.” – Aggie[/pullquote]

Caged No More, does have implied sex and violence, just because it doesn’t totally show it happening, but you can gather that it is going on.

To Be Continued …

The ending left it to be continued, Caged II, coming in 2017. As mentioned earlier, this will be a series of three movies. I am looking forward to the continued series to watch.

Caged No More, portrays things that are actually happening in the world. Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime, even in America.


Caged No More, does awaken the reality this could happen to your own daughter, friend and neighbor. I believe movie does help raise awareness of this horrible crime and the dangers of it. This movie was meant to raise awareness of human trafficking, aid in connecting anti-trafficking organizations, equip parents, schools and churches to aid in trafficking prevention. As mentioned on their website and I have to agree.

I do recommend you watch this movie. Find out of they can rescue the girls in time or will it be too late? This might be a good movie to show to your youth or even your church group.


27 million people are enslaved world wide and 1.2 million of those are children according to UNICEF. Below is the National Trafficking Hotline.


Blog post to check out on trafficking

I was given a free DVD of this movie to do this unbiased movie.

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