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Facing the Storm: Buffalo run to the storm not away from it

Facing the Storm: Buffalo run to the storm not away from it – We can take a good pointer from the buffalo and not be afraid of the storm and tackle it head on.

Facing the Storm: Buffalo run to the storm not away from it

An article in the Tenneeesean in 2015 talks about buffalo running into the storm. It also talks about humans and cows run away from the storm. We humans try to avoid the inevitable challenges in our lives.

Facing the Storm: Buffalo run to the storm not away from it

In that article Rory Vaden Buffalo stated “Buffalo wait for the storm to cross right over the crest of the peak of the mountaintop and as the storm rolls over the ridge the buffalo turn and charge directly into the storm.”

The Buffalo tackles the storm head on. They run into it! Running through the storm minimizes the amount of pain and time of the storm. Unlike when we run form the storm, we maximize it! That is because we are traveling the same direction of the storm, however the storm moves faster than we do.

We know that a storm is symbolic of the chaos going on in our lives. They can hit us just like a weathered stormed can. Storms come and go in our lives. We cannot control when storms arise in our lives. We can control how we respond to any storm … Fight or Flight! Run Into or Run Away from!

When we run away, always remember the storm is still chasing you! That also causes us to stay in the storm longer than planed too.

When we run into, we might hit the storm head on and experience some from the storm. If we keep on going through it, the storm will be over quicker. We won’t be in the storm for the long and soon will be on the other side of that storm.

Which direction do you go when a storm comes in?

We also have to remember who the one is in control of the storm! Remember Jesus silenced the storm. He is also the one who is with us in the storm too!

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