Black Bear Spotted Inside Denso Manufacturing Plant

Black Bear Spotted Inside Denso Manufacturing Plant – Yes, maybe they have a new employee or mascot, but this black bear has been hanging around the plant for several days.

“A bear has been spotted in and around Denso property, Please keep all plant doors closed and use caution when walking through outdoor areas. While the bear has not been aggressive thus far, it is a wild animal and must be treated as such.”

Warning Note

It now has made its way inside the plant despite notices about leaving doorways left open due to the black bear being in the area. The TWRA (Tennessee Wild Life Resource Agency) confirmed the black bear entered the plant on Tuesday.

Currently the TWRA is working on trapping this black bear. No word what they will do this black bear once it is in capture.

Even the Maryville Police responded and no word from them on any statuses.

Check out this blog post for more updates as they come in.

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