Black Bear Euthanized Didn’t Kill Man

Black Bear Euthanized Didn’t Kill Man. A man at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park was found mauled by a Bear. He actually died of a drug overdose. So an innocent bear was put down.

Black Bear Euthanized Didn’t Kill Man

William Lee Hill, Jr., 30 years old, was found on September 9, 2018 off a trail about 2 miles north of Cades Cove.


Pictured black bear above is not the actual bear. It is a stock photo from Pexels.

That black bear could still be alive if they could have got a more thorough autopsy sooner.

According to the report, “An autopsy revealed extensive postmortem animal predation, but no findings of antemortem/perimortem trauma (i.e. Mr. Hill was not attacked by a bear).”

Hill is from Blount County and was searching for ginseng.

When searchers found his body, according to the autopsy, there were syringes and drug paraphernalia located near the body, according to the National Park Service.

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