Big Daddy Weave bassist Jay Weaver dies of COVID-19 complications

Big Daddy Weave bassist Jay Weaver dies of COVID-19 complications #bigdaddyweave -#jayweaver

Big Daddy Weave bassist Jay Weaver dies of COVID-19 complications

Jay Weaver, is a co-founding member and bassist in Christian band Big Daddy Weave. Weave died Sunday, January 2, 2022, of complications from COVID-19. Jay was 42.

The band’s label, Nashville-based Curb Records, confirmed Weaver’s death in a statement Monday morning.

Big Daddy Weave bassist Jay Weaver dies of COVID-19 complications #bigdaddyweave  #jayweaver
Jay Weaver if Big Daddy Weave

“We are devastated by this loss and are trusting the Lord to guide us through this difficult time,” the statement said. “All of your thoughts, prayers, and support have been and continue to be deeply appreciated.” 

Weaver entered hospital care in late December due with complications from COVID. Last August, Weaver left the road due to complications from dialysis treatment that resulted in a period of intensive care, according to the band.

I’m so sorry to bring this news but I’m so excited to celebrate where he is right now, my brother Jay went to be with Jesus just a couple hours ago. You guys have helped carry him through so much. And I’m telling you, the Lord used him in such a mighty way. Out on the road for so many years. And anybody’s who’s come in contact with him knows how real his faith in Jesus was. I believe even though COVID may have taken his last breath, Jesus was right there to catch him. I know he’s seeing things now I long to see. My heart’s broke.”

Mike Weaver, co-founding band member brother, shared Sunday via Facebook

Big Daddy Weave launched in 1998 out of Mobile, Alabama.

Christian radio platform K-Love shared via social media: “Please join us as we pray for Jay’s wife, three children, and the Weaver family.”

“We pray for comfort for his family, but we rejoice in knowing he is whole again, with his Heavenly Father,” the Dove Awards said late Sunday.

Let’s keep the family, friends and fans in prayers!

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