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Biblical Jesus vs Modern Jesus

Biblical Jesus vs Modern Jesus – Do you have a Biblical View of Jesus or do you have a Modern View of Jesus?

Biblical Jesus vs Modern Jesus

Biblical Jesus vs Modern Jesus

Do you hold the Biblical Jesus View or do you hold the Modern Jesus view? See below!

Biblical Jesus Bible Verse VS Modern Jesus
Born as God Almighty in the Flesh John 1:1-14 VS Was a good teacher and man or even born as a man and promoted to deity
Loves us enough to speak the truth, Offends the world with the truth John 4:1-38 VS Waters down words to avoid offense / hates to offend you, loves political correctness
 Points us toward eternal treasures  Matthew 6:19-21  VS  Promises us earthly treasures
Warns of sin, judgement & hell  Matthew 5:29  VS  Sends all to heaven, dismisses hell
 Commands repentance of sins  Matthew 4:17  VS  Minimizes need for repentance of sins
 Gives you salvation, hope, peace & joy  John 15:9-17 & John 14:1-14 & John 14:27  VS  Gives you health, wealth and happiness
 Hates sin & exposes the truth about sin  John 3:18-21  VS  Overlooks sin & never corrects you
 Commands with divine authority  Mark 5:1-20  VS  Gives suggestions not commencements
 Says to expect persecution in His name  Matthew 10:22  VS  Promises our best life now
 Brings division when necessary  Luke 12:49-56  VS  Promotes unity & tolerance at all cost
 Exalts God the Father’s Will  John 6:38  VS Serves your will above God’s Will
 Warns of false signs & wonders; magnifies God’s Word  Matthew 24:24  VS  Exalts signs, wonders & mysticism above God’s Word
 Demands the emotion, experience & opinion conform to sound teaching  Matthew 23:1-39  VS  Exalts emotion, experience & Opinion above sound teaching
 Commands you to deny yourself & be willing to lay down your life for God  Matthew 16:24  VS  Encourages you to love yourself & gratify all your fleshly desires.
Hated & despised by the world John 15:18 VS Loved and accepted by the world

Which Jesus do you follow?

Is there any other forms I can use for Biblical Jesus vs Modern Jesus? If so, please feel free to share it in the comments below.


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