Bible (poem)

This is a poem I had written 11/17/1998 entitled Bible

Bible (poem)

good news-God’s Word-God inspired-Divine book

©1998 by Steve Patterson

This poem is similar to God-Jesus poem, as in the structure, instead of a diamond, this one forms a triangle. One word on the top, then two words the next line, three on the following line. So on and so forth to form this triangle shape. Triangular Poem you can say.


It is the God’s Word, is true and it is real. It is also, Convicting, as in it helps to correct us. The Bible is Directing, as it gives directions for us to live by because it is showing, as it gives us light. It is the Good News and it is God’s Word. God breathed it and it was inspired by Him. It is a divine book. God’s Word is good, divine, joyous, peaceful and gentle. It is disciplining as it can train us. It can show the loving and caring aspects of God. God is also a just God too. Because He loves us, he won’t let sin go unpunished. The Bible is a light, like mentioned, that is why it can be sharing, because it can expose light to others. The Bible can be a blessing, to see others have gone through the same things we face. The Word of God, is also living as in it speaks to us directly.

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Author: Steve Patterson

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