30+ Benefits to Walking

30+ Benefits to Walking – I compiled a list of benefits to walking. Walking can be good for you and here are 30+ of them. #Walking

30+ Benefits to Walking

  1. Good for your heart
  2. Tones muscles
  3. Strengthens Bones
  4. Keeps you active
  5. Improves Balance
  6. Helps Coordination
  7. Gets your walking steps in
  8. Burns some calories
  9. Helps breathing rate
  10. Keeps you active
  11. Maintain Healthy Weight
  12. Help prevent Type 2 Diabetes
  13. Improves Mood
  14. Trims Waist
  15. Improves Circulation
  16. Lead to longer life
  17. Improves Sleep
  18. Slows Mental Decline
  19. Lowers Alzheimer’s Risk
  20. Helps you do more, longer
  21. Lowers allergies
  22. Cash in on some bank (some places pay you to walk)
  23. Anti-wrinkle
  24. Banish brain drain
  25. Aids in pain reduction
  26. Eye Health
  27. Give quality time with loved ones, by walking with them
  28. Helps against cancer
  29. Supports your joints
  30. Help you be competitive with other people

It is best if you can at least get 30 or more minutes of walking per day. Maybe try to set a goal of 6,000 or more steps per day too. You can use a fitness tracker like a Fitbit to help keep track of those steps.

This list came from several websites. Please consult your doctor on these facts. Not all of these may benefit you. Each person and results may vary.

What are other benefits to walking?

If you know of any other benefits walking has, please feel free to share and I just might add to this list.

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