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Being on college

I've got a chance to go back to my college, this time, not to work there or go there, but for my daughter who is starting college there in Fall. #PSTCC #PSCC

I got to go to Pellissippi State Community College with my daughter several times here lately.

Being on college

Recently got to go back to the college I graduated from with my Associates of Applied Sciences in Communications Graphic Technology.

This time, it wasn’t for me! I didn’t go here for a job nor to go back to college, but for my daughter to start going to college here. It is hard to believe she is starting college!

Took Amber for

  1. Came to take her placement test.
  2. Advising and schedule of classes
  3. New Student Orientation  (NSO)

Pellissippi State Community College

Steve as a student

Each time brought me back to when I attended as Communications Graphic Technology (CGT) student. Where I  also work studied in the CGT labs. I graduated in 2000. Since then I have worked as a graphic designer.  When I attended it was called Pellissippi State Technical Community College. They since have dropped the “Technical” part off the name.

Steve working there

It also brought me to remember some of my times as an unarmed security officer. This was a job I had while waiting for a graphic design job. I enjoyed it a lot getting to talk to the students and faculty. I did this for couple to a few years.

During this visits I showed her around the main campus and introduced her to the safety and security department. That way she knows they are there for her.

I did find out like most all the State of Tennessee colleges are doing, Pellissippi is too, making their security a police department by sending the officers to the academy. One thing I recommend for you as a new student is get familiar with the security officers at your college.

My Daughters Turn

Now it’s my daughters time. She starts in August majoring in Pre-Veterinarian studies. Now it’s her turn to make college memories at my alma mater. Children grow up very fast!

You know my mom even went to Pellissippi, she even went when it was called State Tech.

You can learn more about Pellissippi State visit

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