Before you vote, you must pray!

Before you vote, you must pray! The Elections can be the biggest decision we make in our life. We must vote for the person who is a godly person. Sometimes that can be hard to determine. Some call it voting for the lesser of two evils. #Vote #Elections #Election2020

Before you vote, you must pray!

We must pray and seek God’s advice when it comes to our elections. We must vote according to God’s will not our will or mans will. We must seek God’s advice and allow Him to show us only what He can show us.

Before you vote, you must pray!

You know, most candidates will claim he or she may be a Christian but do they show any kind of fruit they are a Christian? The Bible tells us we will know them by their fruit. See Matthew 7:15-20. You can also check out Proofs in the Pudding and The Fruit of the Spirit Series.

Praying before we vote not only applies to national elections, but local elections too. Or even business and ministry type elections too. Any where we go and cast a vote.

Lesser of two evils

I have always heard, well I am voting for the lesser of two evils. You will hear people say I am not voting for Trump because of this or that and the same for I cannot vote Clinton for this or that as well. People know they have to pick one of the other. But who to pick.

In this blog post, I am not revealing who I am voting for. I do not think that is too wise. I know God will show me when that time comes.

When it comes between picking between lesser of two evils, Surgeon said, :”Choose Neither!” The Bible is clear that we are not to partake in evil and this includes voting for evil, wicked leaders.

Choose Neither

So in that case, it would mean do not vote for Trump or Clinton in that case. Maybe vote for a lesser known person. But we know that Trump and Clinton are the two top contenders for this election. We all know that one of the other will win, unless God has other plans and someone else wins.

But if we choose neither and don’t vote at all, we don’t really have a say! We as Christians need to take up our right to vote and vote! If we do something we know we should do and don’t it is a sin. James 4:17

If the Elephant or the Donkey let you down, than turn to the Lamb!

Unless Jesus is on the ballot

One source I looked at made a good point. Unless Jesus was on the ballot, most of the time we are choosing form the lesser of two evils. Man will fail us. Government will fail us too! Even possible elected people, as they can promise change all they want. But, I will remind you that the only one that won’t fail us is Jesus Christ! His Word stands True and he doesn’t change!

Prayer is important

This is why praying before we vote is very important. We should be prayed up days, weeks and months before we go vote. That was the point behind Focus 4 Forty. So pray and pray up. If you haven’t yet prayed for this election, pray up! Pray for future elections to come too.

So Pray and Vote!

First published October 29, 2016. Last updated or republished October 8, 2020.

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