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Baby Boy – for KING & COUNTRY

This is the official Christmas Music Video of for KING & COUNTRY performing the Christmas Song "Baby Boy". If you told me all about your sorrows. I'd tell you about a cure. If you told me you can't fight the battle.

Baby Boy – for KING & COUNTRY

Baby Boy – For King and Country

This is the official Lyric Music video of For King and Country performing the Christmas Song “Baby Boy”.

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!


If you told me all about your sorrows
I’d tell you about a cure
If you told me you can’t fight the battle
There’s a baby boy who won the war
The war was won by a baby boy


Alleluia, we can sing it
Alleluia, heaven’s ringing
Endless hope and relentless joy started with a baby boy

Oh, before that silent night
No savior and no Jesus Christ
The world cried out so desperately
And the baby boy was the reply,
Yes, heaven’s reply was a baby boy


See, the king is coming down
And he’s here without a crown
The baby boy without a bed
Giving life back to the dead
And hear the angels shout it out
As the people come and bow.
Unexpected majesty
Alleluia, what a king


Alleluia, we can sing it!
Alleluia, yeah, heaven’s ringing!
Endless hope and relentless joy started with a baby boy

Published by: Lyrics © MUSIC SERVICES, INC.
Lyrics from: MetroLyrics

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