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Lilly Bug in Charge

Lilly Bug in charge on even-numbers Days.

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Love Your Pet Day

Love your Pet Day – Wait you hoomans need a day to remind you to love your pet? We pets don’t need a day, we always love you.

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Healing Powers Of Cats

Here is a meme on the healing powers of cats.

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Meet Moon

Meet noon adopted by a young boy who was bullied for having two different colored eyes and a cleft palate. Guess what? Moon has the same rate condition having two different colored eyes and a cleft palate.

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Cat Bowl

Instead of the Super Bowl these special needs and senior cats are at the Cat Bowl in hopes to get adopted.

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Storybook Staring your Pet

Storybook Staring your Pet – That is right! Submit a photo of your pet and this place will create a storybook about your pet.

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Meet Betty Boo the Salon Cat

Meet Betty Boo the Salon Cat – the cat that helps run a hooman hair salaon. #BettyBoo #BettyBoo_TheSalonCat

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My Gotcha Day

My Gotcha Day- In 2015, I, Lilly Bug, came into my furever home with the Patterson’s. I was at the Jefferson County Humane Society.

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Cat Bible Memes

Cat Bible Memes – Use your own photos of yourself or your cats or pets etc to create your own Bible Memes!

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Neonatal Kitten Rescue

Neonatal Kitten Rescue – a newly formed cat rescue that helps at-risk kittens in the Tri-Cities area.

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Cat Scratcher Cottage

Cat Scratcher Cottage – This is what we got from Santa Claws for CatMas (Christmas).

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Cat Herders’ Day

Cat Herders’ DayCat Herders’ Day – Does your day or life seem like you are trying to herd cats? Then, this day is for you! #CatHerdersDay

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12 Days Of CatMas

12 Days of CatMas – This poem is similar to the 12 Days of Christmas but this one is geared for cats. Uses CatMas instead of Christmas as a play on words.

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Pet Christmas Time Tips

Pet Christmas Time Tips

To help ensure Christmas festivities go off without a hitch, consider these tips to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe this season.

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How cats see Christmas Trees

How cats see Christmas trees

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Cat Years vs Human Years

Cat Years vs Human Years – Cat nature at different rates, but an educated guess can roughly give you the age of a cat.

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9 Lives

9 Lives. I am not talking about the cat food brand either! We all hear about the term nine lives. What does a cat really have nine lives? What does the term actually mean? #9Lives

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Meet Izzy The Expressive Cat

Meet Izzy The Expressive Cat – Do you like facial expressions? Check out this cat who has many expressive photos … Izzy, #Izzy

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Meet Zoë the Heart Shaped Marking Cat

Zoë the Heart Shaped Marking Cat. #Zoë

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Meet YoYo (The Blind Cat)

Meet YoYo (The Blind Cat) #YoYo