Authenticity in Faith: Moving Beyond “I’m Blessed” as an Auto Response

Authenticity in Faith: Moving Beyond “I’m Blessed” as an Auto Response – In our daily interactions, one common question we often ask and answer is, “How are you?” It has become customary to reply with a casual, “I’m blessed” or “I’m okay,” without truly expressing our genuine feelings. While it may seem harmless, this automatic response can sometimes prevent meaningful connections and hinder our ability to share our joys, sorrows, and struggles with others. As followers of Christ, it is important for us to prioritize authenticity and vulnerability, allowing us to cultivate deeper relationships and experience the transformative power of genuine connection.

Authenticity in Faith: Moving Beyond “I’m Blessed” as an Auto Response

I’m Blessed auto reply reminds me of the song Truth Be Told by Matthew West.

Truth be told
The truth is rarely told, now
I say I’m fine, yeah I’m fine oh I’m fine, hey I’m fine but I’m not
I’m broken

Truth Be Told by Matthew West

The Call to Authenticity:

As Christians, we are called to be authentic in our faith and relationships. Jesus himself encouraged openness and honesty, instructing us to love one another deeply and bear each other’s burdens. By masking our true emotions with empty phrases, we miss opportunities to fulfill this calling. Instead, let us strive to be genuine, acknowledging our blessings, as well as our struggles, when someone asks how we are doing.

The Power of Vulnerability:

Vulnerability is not a weakness; it is an avenue for God’s grace to work through our lives. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we create space for others to come alongside us, offering support, encouragement, and prayer. Sharing our triumphs and trials helps to build a community that walks together in both joy and sorrow. By embracing vulnerability, we can experience the richness of authentic relationships, where love, compassion, and understanding flourish.

Recognizing God’s Faithfulness in All Seasons:

While it is true that as Christians, we are indeed blessed, it is equally important to acknowledge that life is not always easy. We face challenges, disappointments, and pain. By opening up about our struggles, we invite others to witness how God’s faithfulness sustains us through difficult times. Authenticity in our responses can serve as a testimony of God’s redemptive power, allowing others to see how He works amidst both blessings and hardships.

Praying for One Another:

When we default to “I’m blessed” or “I’m okay” as our auto response, we deny ourselves the opportunity to seek and offer prayer. By sharing our honest feelings and struggles, we create a platform for intercession, where others can come alongside us and lift our concerns to the Lord. Let us not miss the chance to experience the power of collective prayer and support by embracing vulnerability in our interactions.


As followers of Christ, we are called to live in authentic community, embracing vulnerability and honesty in our relationships. By moving beyond the auto response of “I’m blessed” or “I’m okay,” we can foster deeper connections with others, experience the transformative power of genuine connection, and bear each other’s burdens. Let us cultivate a culture of authenticity within our Christian communities, allowing God’s love to shine through our openness and vulnerability.

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