ATM Acronym Church Sign

ATM Acronym Church Sign – A church sign with a Christian acronym for the word ATM. Check out what this church sign says.

ATM Acronym Church Sign –

This church sign comes from Wofford Missionary Baptist Church in Williamsburg, KY. It was taken in September of 2017, by Heather.

I wanted to share this on Church Sign Saturday for you all.

We normally hear ATM meaning At The Moment or even Automated Teller Machine. But what about this?

ATM Acronym Church Sign from Wofford Missionary Baptist Church (Atonement - Truth - Mercy)

According to this church sign it says ATM Inside. It then tells you what A.T.M. stands for.




All of these point to Jesus. He Atoned for our sins. He washed us clean. Jesus is the Truth! Plus He gives us Mercy.

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