Atheist Solidarity Day

Atheist Solidarity Day – Learn more about what this non-religious holiday is about. #AtheistSolidarityDay

As a Christian, we should know about other holidays, including other religious and non-religious holidays such as this one.

Atheist Solidarity Day Ribbon

Atheist Solidarity Day is a day for Atheists to stand up as one and provide support for those who struggle to be non-religious in their communities.

This day is celebrated annually on June 21. This non-religious holiday was founded in 2010 by an Atheist named Mike Smith.

On this day Atheist will wear the Atheist ribbon (half scarlet red half black). It will be either on their shirt as a pin or else where. This is so that they can be identified as an Atheist. It is much like the “Scarlet A”.

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