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Ask Not What God Can Do For You, Ask God What You Can Do For Him

Ask Not What God Can Do For You, Instead … Ask God What You Can Do For Him. We have heard this said and applied to our country, but we can also say the same for God too.

Fellow Christians
Ask Not What God Can Do For You,
Ask God What You Can Do For Him

Fellow Christians, Ask Not What God Can Do For You, Ask God What You Can Do For Him (Photo by Steve Patterson - Pineville, KY at Chained Rock)

Ask Not What God Can Do For You, Ask God What You Can Do For Him

I am sure most of us are familiar with Uncle Sam saying, “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.” In the same since, God is asking us the same thing for Him. We shouldn’t be asking God to do stuff for us. We shouldn’t be asking him for selfish things or things we desire or what. Instead we should be seeking His Will! We should be seeking the things He wants for us. Not to mention, things He wants us to do. Isaiah 6:8 says Here am I use me. Even Matthew 6:33 tells us we must first seek the Kingdom of God AND his righteousness. We must have his will be done here on Earth as in the Lord’s Prayer. (Matthew 6:9-13).

God uses us

So stop asking God to do for you and ask God what can you do for Him. Allow God to use you in the the storm. You can also allow Him to use you in that trial. Not matter what we are facing, we should ask God to let Him use us in that situation. God always has a plan and purpose for everything we go through. God wants us to turn to Him and rely totally on Him. Sometimes the things we go through are to help us. Other times they are to help those around us. Someone you know or around you, just be be going to go through what you did, already has or is currently going through it. This is a great way to share how God saw you threw and how God used you in that.

Allow God to use you in all aspects of your life!

Photo by Steve Patterson. Taken in Pineville, KY at Chained Rock.

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