Answers in Genesis Videos Now on

Answers in Genesis Videos Now on – More than 500 AiG teaching videos, documentaries, and children’s videos, plus films shown at AiG’s popular themed attractions, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum near Cincinnati, OH will be able to be streamed.

Answers in Genesis Videos Now on

Answers in Genesis (AiG) announced that it has entered into an agreement with the online streaming service to carry AiG’s huge collection of videos.

A subscriber will eventually have access to a digital library of more than 500 AiG teaching videos, documentaries, and children’s videos, plus films shown at AiG’s popular themed attractions, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum near Cincinnati, OH.

The 500-plus AiG titles (and all future titles) will be included in’s subscription of $10.99 a month, which includes access to more than 10,000 other pieces of content. Several AiG videos are already available on and can be watched on mobile phones, tablets, computers, and select smart TVs., a faith-and-family streaming video on demand service, also offers a free one-month trial subscription.

The AiG selection will include recent award-winning films. Two AiG movies received major awards at the 2018 Christian Worldview Film Festival: “As in the Days of Noah,” winner of Best Short Film (shown inside the Ark Encounter), and “Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures: Ice Age,” Best Children’s Film. (See image to below.)


Ken Ham, CEO of AiG, declared that he’s excited about the potential of so many more people being able to watch several hundred AiG videos through a fast-growing internet video service.

He stated: “At a time when we’re increasingly seeing anti-Christian elements in the mainstream media and on social media platforms, with even the censoring of many Christian videos, we’re highly encouraged to be a part of this great new opportunity to have many more people exposed to our teachings. It’s easier than ever to watch our films and videos, for AiG’s large video content will be able to be viewed whenever and wherever a customer desires.”

Ham elaborated: “As a Christian organization that stands on the authority of God’s Word in all areas, AiG must be realistic about the future of media. With so much uncertainty regarding the freedom to express the Christian worldview in our culture, we considered it important to use other platforms for our ongoing mission to reach the public with our video content. Therefore, AiG decided to pursue this agreement with Other ministries no doubt will do something similar.”

“We’re thrilled to add Answers in Genesis to our roster of partners,” said CEO Greg Gudorf. “Our subscribers are looking for content with a Christian worldview, and we and our partners strive to provide them exactly what they’re seeking.” is similar to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, but with very different content selection. While many shows on popular streaming services are becoming more and more perverse and even anti-Christian, is careful in its content choices. Its pro-family programming is largely Christian in content.

Ham stated: “Now, people might have differing opinions on certain programming carried by, and parents may need to use discretion in what is suitable for their family to watch. But it’s a great starting point in finding entertainment that families can enjoy together.” has agreed to place all of AiG’s video content on its platform over the next few months. Several are ready to watch right now at AiG has limited video content on internet sites such as YouTube, so a subscription to will provide viewers access to all the video content AiG creates and at no additional subscription fee.

In fact, the subscription cost is the equivalent of purchasing one AiG DVD a month. So subscribers get all the video content AiG produces (and will create in the future) as well as all the regular content. Ken Ham observed: “Now, that’s an incredible value.”

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About Answers in Genesis (AiG)

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics (i.e., Bible-defending) ministry based in northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati. In 2016, AiG opened the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky with a massive Noah’s Ark as its centerpiece, drawing over two million visitors in its first two years. The Creation Museum (west of the Cincinnati Airport) has welcomed 3.6 million visitors and also has become a major family attraction in the Midwest. For more information, visit


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