All Two’s-Day

All Two’s-Day – Generally a day with all twos in the date. (February 22). But there are two years coming up that would make the date a TRUE All Two’s Day. #AllTwosDay

All Two’s-Day

In a few years, February 22, 2022, will be All Two’s Day. All Two’s Days means the date has all Two’s in it. If you go by just the last two digits of the year 2022, will be 22. So making February 22, 2022 (2-22-22), All Two’s Day. The next occurrence won’t be for another 200 years from this day on February 22, 2222 – (2-22-2222). That is using all four of the year digits.

Get this in the year 2022, February 22, will also be on a Tuesday. Get it?!? Hint! How do you pronounce the word Tuesday. Like Two’s Day. Bad pun!

2122 is on a Sunday.

However in the year 2222, February 22, will be on a Friday.

Now generically, if you don’t use the year at all, then every February 22 could be a All Two’s Day.

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