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Air1 & K-Love: Two great Christian Music Radio Stations

Air1 & K-Love

I have posted before about a 30 day Christian music challenge. Were you listen to nothing but Christian music for 30 days. See if it don’t change your life. Now, I want to talk about two radio stations that I believe are the two best Christian Radio stations out there. Both of these radio stations can help you with the 30 Day Challenge.

Air1 & K-Love Logos

Air1 & K-Love Logos

Air1 & K-Love. Both are listeners supported. That means they have no advertisements. They get their funds from people who listen and donate to the station. Both stations are also non-denominational & non-profit.

Because Air1 & K-Love are sister stations they both share the same mission statement: To create compelling media that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ.

Air1 – Positive hits

In the Knoxville, TN and Surround areas you can listen to Air1 on 89.1, which use to be the old Love 89, which also use to be a Christian Radio Station. Air1 as I stated above is listener supported. That means funds come in from their listeners. They don’t play advertisements.

Air1 got its start with only 2 radio stations in Southern, CA. By 1995, they had three stations, the other one in Portland, OR. Today they have 250 radio stations in 43 states. If an Air1 radio station is not close to you. you can always listen to them online!

I believe Air1 seems to play a lot more of Skillet, Building 429, LeCrae and Tobymac. More of the upbeat, rock, r&b, rap type artist.

K-Love Positive, Encouraging

In the Knoxville, TN area you can listen to K-Love on two stations. You can listen to them in the Knoxville area on 88.3 based in Mayndardville, TN and 94.1 based in Morristown, TN. They are also listener supported. Where listeners donate to the radio station. They also do not play advertisements.

91.9 KCLB began broadcasting in Santa Rosa, California. This is the original station that would eventually become K-LOVE Radio. The “K” in K-Love is because it was a radio station West of the Mississippi River. If they founding office was East of the Mississippi River, it would be W-Love. Because those stations would start with a “W”. According to their web site, The “LOVE” portion of our name indicates we are broadcasting a message of God’s love and forgiveness for all. K-Love has over 400 radio stations throughout 44 states. Plus you can hear them online.

K-Love seems to play more of the softer rock artist.

What I listen to



I started off mostly listen to K-Love. Now I mostly listen to Air1. If I am not listening to those, I am listening to CD’s or my iTunes playlist that consist of nothing but Christian Music. It is the only music I will listen to. I use to only listen to mostly country and some rock, however the secular music isn’t uplifting like Christian Music is. Christian Music has a wide range of genre.


Do you listen to Air1 & K-Love? If so please share your comments.

More information

You can check out their web sites below for more information and to find out where you can listen to either Air1 & K-Love at your location.

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My name is Steve Patterson and I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. I have been blogging at Courageous Christian Father since 2012, however, I have been blogging since around 2004. At church I help with the youth, van ministry, ushering or wherever else needed. Currently, I am working on my bachelors of theology. I am a father of an adult child. I work as a graphic designer. I also love listening to nothing but Christian Music. I am an Eagle Scout class of 1994. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.


  1. Henry Doty says:

    Thanks for sharing. I think we have a K Love station here in Ohio. At least the name sounds familiar

  2. Henry Doty says:

    Thanks for sharing. I think we have a K Love station here in Ohio. At least the name sounds familiar

  3. Mese says:

    My name is Mese Econom I live in Denton Montana, and I love your songs and I think it’s very incarraging and gives a lot of people hope and a warming feeling inside. Thank you all so muchU0001f64f

  4. Mese Thank you for a comment on Courageous Christian Father’s Blog. I wrote about Air1 & K-Love, but you didn’t make a comment that went to Air1 or K-Love. But, I am glad to know that those radio stations are encouraging and warming. God Bless. I myself would like to encourage you to listen to nothing but Christian Music, at least for 30 days. I have been listening to nothing but Christian Music for a couple to few years now.

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