A Mirror Tells Us What’s Wrong

We need to live out what we believe. We also need to know what we believe and why we believe. We too often are divided. Part in the World and other part in God. We must walk the walk and talk the talk. We usually judge our own selves based on our own standards, when we should be judging ourself based on God’s standards.

Be Quick To Hear, Slow To Speak and Slow to Anger. 

James 1:19


We have to understand that the words we say are hurtful. When she show anger we do not bring glory to God. In this scripture here James is building a case for Christian living. We cannot take back what has already been said. We can ask for forgiveness. Why we must guard what our mouths say. Take time to think, how will this impact the person I say it to. Will what I say benefit the glory of God? When we show anger, we do not show love for one another. We are told to love one another.

We must cast off evil, evil will hinder our spiritual growth and walk. Sin affects our fellowship. Our sin is what separates us from God. It also says that the sin has caused Him to hide His face from us. He will not hear us. (See Isaiah 59:2) We must confess our sins! (See 1 John 1:9). We we sin we need to quickly as God for forgiveness and rebuke the evil in the name of Jesus Christ.

Importance of the Word of God is to set. It is our basic instructions on how to live, It tells us all about God. What God has done for us. It doesn’t start at salvation but that is where it begins. God cleanses us from our sins when we ask for forgiveness. We have to remember that not everyone claiming to be Christians are Christians. A lot of those who claim to be, rarely read the Bible. How can God communicate to you if you do not read the Bible? The Word of God helps show you how to save your soul. (See James 1:21)

We must be doers of the Word, not just hears. Our actions should show that we have Christ in us. Our actions should be evident that we have been with Christ. We must always and continually being doers of the Word. Doers obey God’s Word. They live it! If you are not a doer of God’s Word, you may want to evaluate your walk with God. If no one can see evidence of God in us, then we need to get right with God so others can see God in us. Hearing the Word is useless unless you apply it! (See James 1:22)

Looking in mirror is like a person who only hears. But it is what we do once we look in that mirror that shows our action. What does a mirror do? A mirror shows us what is wrong. It helps us to correct what is wrong. We look in a mirror to brush our teeth, shave, fix our hair, clean our selves us etc. If we didn’t look in the mirror and correct those issues people will look strange at you. Thus the same applies to our spiritual life. (See James 1:23)

The Bible is our Spiritual Mirror.  We must strive to read it daily. Have personal daily devotion on top of having daily family devotion. We as Christian don’t look enough at it. What if we read the Bible as often as we look in the mirror? The True mirror is as stated the Word of God.

Away from the mirror: The greatest reason we stay away from the mirror is we are afraid of what we see looking back us. I also believe that it is just like we don’t like to come into the light because the light reveals. (See BLOG POST: Being a Witness for Christ: Light & Salt

We are not perfect coming to the mirror: We are not perfect coming to the mirror. God knows that we are not perfect. Remember we cannot fix anything unless we come to that mirror, that spiritual mirror. All things are possible with Christ.

Law & Liberty: Law is a restriction while Liberty has no restriction. We are given Mercy, Grace and Love at the Cross. Believers are pardoned to live, but not a life of sin. For we all sin, but we are to try to sin less. If you live both worldly and churchly ask yourself am I truly saved? If you are will feel the need to repent because you are feeling convicted of what you are doing is wrong. (See 2 Corinthians 13:5)

No sin is too great to be forgiven from Jesus. All sins are forgiven for those who believe. We must repent (turn away from) of those sins and also forgive others who sin against us. Forgiveness comes from the heart. (See BLOG POST: Forgiveness)

Only sin not forgiven is the rejection of Jesus Christ.

Every Christian is called to live out their faith. It should be evident that we are a New Creation in Christ. We should show that we have Christ with us and that we have talked to God. (See BLOG POST: Being a Witness for Christ: Light & Salt)

Side note: Anytime you see the word Wherefore (therefore) it means What is it there for. Also any time you see lay apart, it means to cast off or remove.

This blog post came from my notes from April 29, 2012 at Piedmont Baptist Church. Justin Breeden was preaching that night. 

Read for yourself Read these verses in the Bible:

  • James 1:19-27
  • Isaiah 59:2
  • 1 John 1:9
  • 2 Corinthians 13:5

Have you looked the mirror lately? The Spiritual mirror, of God’s Word the Bible? Our Spiritual mirror will show us what is wrong. Let the Bible be your instructions for you and knowing what God expects of us.

First published June 18, 2013 and republishing June 20, 2015

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  1. The Bible is a mirror to our souls. We need to get used to staring at our true reflections by God’s light and asking Him to erase the blemishes.

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