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I have been selected as one of the launch week readers for the book live second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First by Doug Bender. I was honored to be asked to do this. After all I do post the I am Second Videos on my blog to share with my fellow readers.  I have been enjoying reading this book so far. This book is intended to be a daily reader with a new passage and idea each day to reflect upon. I was asked to make several blog entries about this book. Stay tuned to my blog to see more as I post them.

This week December 9-15, 2012 has been set aside for the launch week for this book. This is when this book first became available to the public to purchase.

This book will help you put Jesus first and live second. It started out talking about the creation and start of sin. It starts off talking about fall of man. It continues on with stories of men and women in the Bible. It shows examples of putting Jesus first. I like the fact that it gives you Bible references to go along with the daily reading. It help you stay in the Word and give you insight from the Bible.

As I have been reading, I have noticed how things seem to relate what is going on. Like reading the the Bible about some of the stories of Jesus. Just other day I went to see The Living Christmas Tree. They showed the stories of Jesus. This book gave some of those same stories. That is the power of the Holy Spirit working. Just like when sermons your pastor gives seem to relate. The Holy Spirit has a way to have things that is currently going on in your life seem to relate with message(s) need to be heard.

This book helps us understand that we all sin. None of us are an exception and that all of us can come to Christ no matter who we are and how bad our sins are. You can see those examples in the I am Second videos. I share some of those videos and will continue to share some of the videos in my blog. Some of these videos I have posted have been. The list goes on and on. Check out my I am Second tags or categories and you will find more I am Second Videos on my blog.

  1. Brian “Head” Welch from Korn
  2. Whispering Danny

The book gives you a video to watch from the I am Second videos. A lot of these videos I have seen from Bible Study, but some of them are new to me too.

While reading through the first session I did learn a few new things. One of those is that after the 40 days and 40 nights or rain from Noah there was on the boat for quiet awhile afterward. I figured it was a short time after the rain had stopped.

I am glad that our faith in Jesus Christ is what saves us. No one can come to the father but through Him. We must rely on Jesus and put him first. Ask confession for our sins, repent of our sins (turn away). Christ died for our sins. His body was broken and blood shed to save us. We should strive to be more like Jesus and put Jesus first. Follow His teachings. But yet sin creeps in and takes the best of us. But when that happens we need to rebuke satan and turn to Jesus for help and guidance and trust in Him.

I am looking forward to continuing to read through this book.

I do know it is hard to try to read this book daily. Especially in a daily busy world, but are we that busy that we don’t put Jesus first? We should always make time and find time for him and put him above all things!

I may have an evaluation electronic copy, but I would love to buy me the real book to have and keep. This book will help out with me wanting to do youth ministry. I can take points from this book and use them in lessons.

More information: www.iamsecond.com/livesecondbook/

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  1. I now have the hard book. I got it several days ago. My daughter and I do it as part of our daily devotion. She loves doing it, just as much as I do. I highly recommend this book and you start your journey on living second.

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