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National Pizza Day – Who doesn’t like pizza? I believe almost everyone loves pizza. Now there is a day set aside for those who love pizza! #NationalPizzaDay #Pizza #PizzaDay

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National Sausage Pizza Day – Yes there is a day for you sausage pizza lovers! So you one topping sausage pizza lovers, this day is for you. Go out and enjoy a sausage pizza! #SausagePizza #SausagePizzaDay

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National Deep Dish Pizza Day – A day for that deep dish pizza. The one usually baked in a cast iron skillet, thick dough, sauce, cheese and toppings! #DeepDishPizzaDay #DeepDishPizza

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Facts about your favorite foods – Food is more than just a way to sustain life. Food can make a person feel good, provide avenues to engage with family and friends and serve as a way to experience other cultures.

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String Cheese Day – Adult or child, we all love to pull apart that string cheese. Did you know there is a day for that cheese? How about some recipes for that string cheese? #StringCheese #StringCheeseDay

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Pi Approximation Day – another math holiday. But wait it isn’t March 14th, how did you get that today is a Pi holiday? Well read on …

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I recently had a part time job as a Pizza Delivery Driver to help supplement my income. So I am going to blog about my experience as a pizza delivery driver plus some tips if you want pizza delivered. #Pizza #PizzaDeliveryDriver #PizzaDelivery

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