99¢ Milk vs $2.69 Milk

99¢ Milk vs $2.69 Milk – Yes, two different prices for milk in two different places. These two places are two hours or less apart.

99¢ Milk vs $2.69 Milk

In Knoxville, TN the price of a Gallon of Milk is $2.69, however the same Milk is 99¢ in Corbin, KY. Both of these milks are the store brand milk and both from a Kroger. So why is the milk so much cheaper in Corbin, KY than in Knoxville, TN? Yes I know I took a picture of one being 2% and the other being Vitamin D. But, at Corbin, all types of milk were the same price!

99¢ Milk vs $2.69 Milk at Kroger

I went to a Knoxville location Kroger and showed people buying milk how much the Corbin Kroger was paying. The regular price is $1.19, but it was on sale for 99¢. At that Kroger in Knoxville, TN it was $2.69. A lot of the people I showed that price, couldn’t believe it or didn’t believe me.

When I was back in Corbin, KY, I asked the cashier to guess how much milk cost in East Tennessee. He said around $3.00 per gallon. I am like, that is right. But, what is odd the same product here at your store is 99¢ but in Knoxville it cost $2.69. It doesn’t make much since. I have to hand it to the cashier too, for guessing that price. As this cashier was a very young youth.

Sometimes supply and demand makes prices higher. Other times, how far the product has to travel to the store also can make the price higher or lower. Sometimes, lower income areas pay less than higher income areas. There are many other reasons too. I reached out to Kroger and contacted them via their website to ask and see why the prices was such a huge difference. Usually prices are usually close in price, but not that huge of a gap!

Reply from Kroger

Thank you for contacting The Kroger Co. regarding the price of milk in your area between two stores. You fall within our Nashville Division and all of the stores use the same system for pricing. But, if a store has a large amount of a product on hand they have the ability to reduce the price of the product to clear out the inventory. The stores will also reduce the price if the product is close to the expiration date.

I know I questioned this last week. I bought milk at my store and a dairy employee told me that it was cheaper at the other Kroger nearby. When I questioned why I was told they have a lot on hand to get rid of.

Not the case

This is not the case. Notice in the 99¢ milk picture, it says the original price is $1.19. This price was on all of the variations of milk. It was obvious it was not they over purchased, nor was the milk going to go out of date soon. I took those pictures in August 2017. I have been back several times off and on to the Corbin Kroger and the price is still 99¢.

How Much is your milk?

Let me know how much a gallon cost where you are and where you are located.
Your comments are welcome.

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  1. I was told not that long ago, there is a Milk War going on and in Middlesboro, KY the milk is now 99¢ at the Kroger there too. That is now in 2020, I first published this blog post in 2017.

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