6 Feet Under

6 Feet Under – When we die, we ALL will die, we are most often going to be buried in the ground and get buried six feet down. So we six feet? #6Feet #SixFeet #6FeetUnder #SixFeetUnder

6 Feet Under

6 Feet Under - When we die, we ALL will die, we are most often going to be buried in the ground and get buried six feet down. So we six feet? #6Feet #SixFeet #6FeetUnder #SixFeetUnder

Because death happens, We always hear that saying, about death and we feel over whelmed. So why do we bury loved ones six feet under.

1. So animals can’t easily dig us up.

2. Make it harder to grave rob. (Prevents theft)

3. Prevent body to be disturbed by accidental plowing.

4. Prevent disease (Might have Came from London Plague of 1665, Black Death).

5. Fokelure

Since we ALL die, that is 100% of us all, you and me, both. Death happens! When we die, we will meet our maker, God. Based on what we did with Jesus will base our eternity! Heaven or Hell!

Despite our earthly bodies die, our spiritual body won’t die. It will spend eternity in the presence of God (Heaven) or separated from God (Hell). Only those two destinations!

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